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Yesterday we talked about how to meditate successfully.  There are all forms of meditation, we just have to find the one that works for us!

Lets answer a few question about meditation and why it is so important to do it everyday.

  • What is meditation?
  • Why should I meditate, especially everyday?
  • How do I meditate?
  • What type of results should I expect from my meditation?

What are some clues that I had a successful mediation?

What is meditation?

A practice in which an individual trains the mind to induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit. We don’t have to sit in a uncomfortable position while trying to reach a higher state of consciousness. We want to train our minds to find a place of peace quickly. If you desire to reach a state of higher consciousness, this is a good place to start.

Why should I meditate, especially everyday?

The goal with meditation is to train your mind to reach a state of harmony. We must be able to quiet the beast inside. The ones who have too much scheduled in one day, our boss or spouse (for you stay at home people) seems to always project his/her bad day at me, my kids see me as the worst parent ever, or everywhere I turn is a negative situation. We have so many reason to meditate, to find a quiet place in our minds.

  • Many times we are in situations where we are not give a room to decompress.
  • Home is not as relaxing as we like.
  • It is raining the day we need the long walk.

If you practice everyday to calm your mind, find the happy place or get the stress out. You will have a better life. You will be able to close you eyes, take a deep breathe and be there. Heaven on earth.
How do I mediate?

Part of successful meditation is knowing thy self. Are you a thinker and you need to know how to clear the mind? Are you a physically hyper person and you need to know how to clear the body? Are you a audio person who is are aware of every noise around you (you swear you were a dog in a past life) or at least it feels that way sometimes; you need to be able to turn the noise off in your head? Are you an all the above person, like me and have to find a way to target it all? You need to suit the meditation to compliment how your mind and body operates already.

  • Do you need to sit back and listen to music to quiet the internal noise?
  • Do you need to work out everyday, made twice a day?
  • Do you need to do brainteasers to calm the mind?

Once you have satisfied your mind body needs, then you can meditate and create ques to get there fast. An example might be a particular song which relaxes you immediately, or closing your eyes and thinking of the serenity of the stars and/or nature. Find out what works for you.

What type of results should I expect from my meditation?

Remember to set a goal as to what you want from the meditation. The simple answer is to get to your original goal.

  • You will be calmer.
  • You will have a decrease in stress (if you have high blood pressure, mediation will help decrease it).
  • You will be making better choices and decisions.
  • You will be able to sleep better.
  • You will have more energy during waking hours.
  • You will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

What are some clues that I had a successful mediation?

You notice that you are handling stressful situation better (an example is your hormonal child, doesn’t bother you as much).
You feel lighter, like you have lost a few pounds.
You could feel your skin tingling.
When you are having conversation, you will have a better connect with that person.

Hope this helps, Nameste

One of the keys to success in life is successfully having a relationship with spirit. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you are checking in with your spirit everyday. We talk to our co-workers everyday. We talk to our spouses, or significant others everyday. Hopefully we are talking to ourselves everyday, giving encouraging words so that you can look in the mirror and say “job well done!”

One form of communicating with spirit everyday is to meditate. I think we have a mis-understanding of what meditation is. We all see the guy sitting in Indian style (some people can’t even get in that position!) with his hands held out facing up, his eyes closed and his body at peace. We have a respect for this position. We admire the peace we see in this guy. If you are empathic like me, you can feel the serenity within the picture. Once this is put in our consciousness, we want a piece of the experience. The problem with this guy is we are not this guy. We must find a form of meditation that work for us.

There are many forms of mediation, we must find the method that works for us.

Sitting meditation

yoga meditation



listening to music


reading a book


deep conversation with a friend


I want to give you a sitting mediation, for those of you that like that. For those of you that don’t like that, develop you own moving meditation and practice. We will talk more on that tomorrow.

  1. Sit in a quiet place.
  2. Turn on some soothing music.
  3. Make sure there is blue and green color around (these are soothing colors).Light a candle.
  4. If you want to dump a lot of negative energy, put a bowl of water near by,Take a deep breath (breath in on a count of 7 and out on a count of 7),3- 7 times.
  5. While you are taking these deep breaths, breath in divine blue light and breath out all the unwanted energy.
  6. Once you have reached a place of harmony, sit quietly for a period of time and bathe in the sweet energy.
  7. Allow yourself to come back in the room.
  8. Share the energy with others during the day. (what goes out comes back to us)



Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

There are several types of headaches that can be resolved through massage.  There are pressure points on the head and neck that can alleviate tension headaches as well and sinus headaches.  These pressure points reboot your computer (brain) and tell the nerves to stop sending the pain message.  The tension headaches can be caused by tight or pinched muscles in the head, neck or jaw.  Their can also be tight muscle in your upper back (trapezoid and or rhomboids) that will cause pain in back, neck and sometimes your head.  So if you want to eliminate the pain associated with these tight muscles, 90% of the time massaging the head, neck, jaw and upper back will take care of  this pain.

How would I start the massage?  Sometimes the way to start is by helping someone relax, this will make it easier for you to massage the muscles.  Have the person sit in a comfortable chair that has a low back.  Put on some soft music and lower the lighting in the room.  This will slow the person’s breathing and put them in a more meditate state.  The idea is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system – the rest and restore mechanism in your brain; this is where healing occurs.  Once you have the environment set, now it is time to do the work.

  1. The best place to start is to put your hands on the person’s head and take a deep breath yourself; if you are not in a relaxed position the other person will not be in a relaxed position.
  2. Apply some pressure to the person’s head and massage as if you are shampooing their hair.   Everyone loves the shampoo bowl!  Make sure that you cover the entire head, this helps the person reach a more meditative state.
  3. Place both hands on the neck and slide your hands down with a firm grip once.  Then you want to take one thumb and apply strokes from top to bottom of one side of the neck approximately 3 or 4 times.  Do the same thing with your other thumb to the other side of their neck.
  4. Place your hands on the person’s shoulders and give them a firm massage with both hands.  If you feel a knot, apply pressure to the knot and count to 10, then come off gentle while moving in a circle.  If the knot doesn’t go away, don’t worry, just move on and the knot will resolve itself in time.
  5. The last part is the face.  Apply feather strokes over with your finger tips over the forehead, nose and cheeks, and the chin.  Place your hands on either side of the person’s jaw, apply pressure and massage in circles.  Any tension in the jaw caused from headaches should subside. (This is also a good area to massage often if you grind your teeth, clinch your jaw or have TMJ).

If you would like to come in a get a professional head massage, come in and enjoy and Indian Head Massage.  This massage is all about deep relaxation.  I massage the head, neck, shoulder, arms and face.  You do not have to take your clothes off and it last approximately 40 minutes.   Enjoy the relaxtion of a head massage!