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What are the self help techniques that I can do to raise my vibration and accomplish my goals?

  1. Self help starts with a personal relationship with spirit!

  2. Self help continues with knowing thyself.

  3. Knowing what makes you happy solidifies self help.

Checking in with your spirit every day makes self help long lasting. Listen to your spirit guides, the angles who are watching over you.


If you don’t know how to do these self help techniques, take a class, read a book, watch a video or listen to a audio. I offer Introduction to energy work classes that gives you the basics. You have to start somewhere. If you know the basics take a Reiki class, an Akashic Records class, or a healing modality that has been on your mind forever. The more time you spend with spirit the higher your vibration will be and the more you will hear from your guides, angles, and personal spirit.

The answer to being able to go to the next level, being able to accomplish your goals, make extra money  or eliminate physical pain is clearing the energy that stops you. Knowing what that energy is means having a better relationship with spirit.


We must take care of our vessel, our body!

Our bodies must be in good physical condition to hold the vibration of listening to spirit.


  1. Get a massage regularly, see the chiropractor regularly or learn self help exercises to do daily until you can afford it.

  2. Exercise everyday.

  3. Eat Live Food!


Many people think that massage is all fluffy. Your cells have to circulate in order to push out the old and bring in the new. Some of us can not get a massage everyday as the pharaohs did.  The way to keep your cells circulating and remain physically young  is to exercise. The other way to stay young and healthy is to give your body the nutrients it needs to have the energy to do physical activities.  Here is a massage tip!


We must take care of our physical need!


  1. We must have money

  2. We must have time

  3. We must have love


In order to make money successfully we must love what we are doing. Self help here comes from knowing what you love and finding a way to make money with it. With a creative mind, from yourself or from an expert, you can make money from doing what you love. When you are making money doing what you love, you seem to have more time and energy. This helps everything else fall into place. Once things start falling into place, you can look in the mirror and have love for yourself. Self love sustains you forever!

What is one of the important steps to remaining on track and success in life.  We have been talking about money, time and energy.  When we are really down, we have done everything according to the rules and nothing is going right; we tend to feel down.  Some of us say oh well and move on, while others feel a depression coming on.  When we feel the depression coming on, what do we do.  This is why we don’t succeed in life sometimes.  We are going to have bad times and we don’t always give the situation enough time to resolve itself.  Lets use a couple of examples, money and time of course.

We start our business opportunity, we do everything we can and we don’t make money.  This is where I love the don’t quit poem.  It constantly reminds you that with one more step, you will have all your hearts desires.  Lots of times we quit before that point.

How about the time issue, we spend lots and lots of time on a project.  Some examples would be marketing, quilting, homework or recreational project.  We become tire of undesirable results, so we quit instead of taking a break and trying it later.  When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb, he had thousands of failures before he had success.  He didn’t quit, he said “I have found one more thing that doesn’t work so I am closer to the solution.”

You might say that the motivation stuff is awesome, however how do I start digging my way out of the pit.  This is where the spiritual side comes in, the energy work.  I have mentioned several times the Akashic Records.  This is a form of energy work, that givse you spiritual guidance with everything, money, time, relationships and ect.  It really doesn’t matter what healing modality you are called to for spiritual guidance, just remember that the higher power lifts you up.

I go into my Akashic Records everyday for guidance.  If you want to have a good relationship with someone or something, you must spend time with them.  If you would like an Akashic Record Reading click here.  If you would like to learn to read the record yourself, check out my calender and sign up for the classes.

Wanted to give you the opportunity to meet me

Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

Many blessing and we will talk tomorrow!

We have been talking about making money while having personal time.  We are presented with many opportunities to make money online and we don’t know what is legitimate.  We don’t know if we can make money with the business opportunity, even if the presenter has made money.  Will we make money?

What is the trick to making money online.  What is the trick to making money period?  Pay attention because it is simple, we make it complicated.  What do you like to do?  What is the driving force behind getting up in the morning.  What makes you happy, gives you energy or puts a smile on your face?  Whatever drives you to move forward day by day is what helps you do the activities to make money.

The easiest way to answer this question is to think about when you were little.  What did you like to do the most.  What are the activities that energize you now?

Here is where it starts, and I will use myself as an example.  I like to take a walk in the morning, before I do anything.  It clears my head, get my blood circulating and energetically washes  the old energy from yesterday off.  If I have a job that does not allow me to have this one simple thing in the morning, my day starts off wrong.  If I don’t take care of the simple needs, then the major needs do not matter either.  The basic spiritual need of feeding the soul. Filling the cup of the spirit is what helps you fill complete.

Once I fa fill the basic needs of the soul, I can concentrate on following steps in an opportunity to make money.  I can do the un fun aspects of my job to make money.  I can keep taking steps forward.  Here is where the spiritual guidance comes in from having an Akashic Record reading.  Once the soul is fa filled we can move on to the basic needs.

What are the Akashic Records?  tomorrow

Do you want to get started with make some money? Check out one of these opportunities here, here or here.  Which opportunity is best for you.  Look at everything, and shout me an email if you have any question.

Are you looking for a good massage therapist and you are not sure what questions to ask to increase your chances of receiving a good massage. You would rather test out the merchandise before you spend the money and the time on a full body massage. Here are what I call the top 10 questions to ask any massage therapist so that you receive a good massage.

  1. Whats is your specialty? If the massage therapist specializes in something and can give a good explanation about their specialty, they are more likely to be passionate about their work.
  2. What massage technique do you use to relax extremely tight muscles? Some massage therapists do not know how to relax tight muscles, so having a specific technique shows experience. Good examples would be deep tissue, myofacial release, energy work.
  3. Have you taught a massage class or are you planning on teaching in the future? When you teach something, one has to know the subject twice as well as the student. This demonstrates knowledge of massage.
  4. If you are short on time, what parts of the body will you skip? Usually the massage therapist will skip the hands or the feet in the massage, if they are running short on time.  There are over 100 pressure points in your hands and feet.  What are pressure points?   Pressure points are areas of the body that hold a lot of energy and are connected to other parts of the body.  When these pressure points are touched, tension can be released in other areas besides the local spot.
  5. Do you do energy work? Energy work  is designed to heal the physical and the spiritual body.  Energy work helps the person reach deep relaxation faster as well promoting healing for a longer period of time.  There are several forms of energy work; Reiki, Synergia, Akashic Records, Healing touch, Cranial Sacral, color therapy, crystal therapy and sound therapy.
  6. What techniques will you use to encourage me to relax and help me relieve stress? A good massage therapist will allow the client to do what they need to feel comfortable.  Aromatherapy , warming up the muscle tissue, and sometimes just taking your time will help the client relax.
  7. Do you tend to do a light, medium or deep tissue massage? This is where you need to know the type of touch that you like.  If you like a light touch, this would be a Swedish massage.  If you would like a firm touch, then you should see a deep tissue therapist.  If you like to be warm it is an excellent idea to get a hot stone massage (you are going to want to ask the hot stone therapist a couple more questions because this massage is more intense and you don’t want to get burned).
  8. Do you do corrective work? Does the massage therapist know what to do when your back hurts, or your knee hurts, or your elbow hurts?  Is the therapist balancing your muscles so that your body moves harmoniously?  It is a good idea to go to someone who takes the time to address problem areas.
  9. Do you massage the head? There are over 60 pressure points in your head and neck, which can help relieve tension that causes headaches.  These pressure points can also help you to relax, sleep better and help you absorb information better.
  10. What benefits can I expect from a massage from you? Massage helps increase circulation, helps to increase the parasympathetic system (the one that helps you relax).  Massage helps to push toxins out of your body which helps to promote healing.

If you are still on the fence and they have answered more than half to your satisfaction, go ahead and give them a chance. Book the massage.