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What is in your true nature? If your child is jumping on the couch; what is your immediate reaction? If someone cuts you off on the road; what just automatically pops out of your mouth? When you are walking down the street and someone asks you for a dollar to get something to eat; what is your first thought? If you think about your answer, I am sure you can come up with a clever diplomatic solution. The solution is probably not our true nature. It is the response we give when we are on our best behavior.

So who are you and who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person with the quick response or do you want to be the diplomatic person. Who do you like better?

We must look deep inside our self, without rose colored glasses in our view of observing the person. What judgements are you making about that person (yourself). Who made the rules? Mom, dad, boss, wife, husband, son, daughter etc.? When you look inside, could you place that little person outside of your self and judge that person as another person? Would you have a different opinion of that person? Would you be more lenient with that person? Do you expect less out of someone else or do you expect exactly what is in the true nature of the other person.

The best example to understand a person’s true nature is to know the behavior of the animal. When my dog is happy, he wags his tail. He can not help wagging his tail. My daughter will grab his tail in excitement. It appears that he has stopped wagging his tail, however the minute she lets go, it starts the swaying rhythm again. When my dog is scared, the hair on the back of his body stands up, and if a stranger comes near him he will bark. I can tell him all day to stop, however it is in his true nature to do these things. What is the true nature of your personal mammal (the little person inside you).

How often do we try to change other peoples true nature? How often to do try to change our own true nature. Should we be trying to change or should we be finding out who we are and accepting ourselves. Loving the little person inside, who we are just getting to know. The little person inside of us that we have buried so deep, the only person who comes out is the diplomat. Do you even like the diplomat? Decide.

Self Healing Massage to do Daily

You can massage yourself daily so that you can make it through the day more efficiently.

Head Massage

Massage your head hits a lot of pressure points that keep you more alert.  Helps to increase you circulation, out with the old in with the new.  This also helps to increase the the brain’s circulation, meaning it makes it easier to think.  You can massage you head with you finger tips, you can also scratch you scalp which also stimulates activity.  If you don’t want to mess up your hair, be gentle.

Neck Massage

You can also massage you neck, which is where a lot stress is carried in the body.  When you neck gets stiff, it can cause headaches as well as moving pain into the upper back.  Never hold the phone with one shoulder, get an ear piece if you need to.  Lets save our bodies the torture.  By massaging you head and neck you can promote a restful night’s sleep later, important for rejuvenation.

Stretch your upper back.

You can pull your left should all the way to the right, then you can pull your right shoulder all the way to the left.  When are on the computer all day, our shoulders get locked up and stiff.  This help you keep your mobility as well as bringing blood and nutrients to that area of the body.  Some hand a forearm pain starts in the upper back and make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulder.  Take the globe off of your shoulders!  If this area gets too tight, it is time to get a massage from someone who knows what they are doing.

Massage your forearms

Your forearm suffer from all that typing as well, so give them some attention.  You can lay your forearm on the table and apply compression to them several time.  Once again this get the blood flowing as well as relaxing the muscle.  The will help you work a little longer, I know sometimes we don’t want to do that, however this will also alleviate future pain.  If you are prone to carpal tunnel or arthritis, this will slow the progression of this discomfort.

Obviously one of the best things you can do is get up and walk around and stretch 3 to 4 times a day.  The other thing you can do is bug your boss to bring a massage therapist to the office once a week.  If you cant convince you boss of this then doing these things several times a day will help keep you a little healthier.  When you take a shower and put on lotion, give yourself a little rub down while you are applying the lotion.  Very good for circulation.  If you are increasing you circulation naturally, you are forcing new cells to come and promoting a younger you.

Take care of you body and your body will take care of you!

What does nature have to offer and teach us?

Every time we look to nature, we have to slow down and take a deep breathe and go with the same pace as nature.

What does that mean?

Observe any animal, any insect or any plant and they will guide you through their natural course of life.  They always have a special beginning, a process that is a miracle.  They don’t have to be told that they belong, because the sure fact of being here lets them know that they belong.  They go through their day doing exactly what they are meant to do, within the time fame that they are meant to do it.  They move at a slower pace than most of us today.

Insects have to  push through so many odds.  The birds want to eat them, the weather can wash their homes away or make it difficult to get food.  The humans want to step on them, exterminate them and in some countries eat them.  With these odds, they go on through their natural course of life, they don’t worry about death, who likes them or their next meal.  They get up, make sure their home is secure, take care of family and forge for food.  This is their instinct in life.  They don’t have time to be depressed, worry about the storm coming or worry about what to put on the table to eat.  They search for their food everyday, they know that the odds are going to be in their favor, because they work as a team, as a family.  They rely on each other, help each other, have faith and work as a unit.

Look at the ant’s life, if you have ever watched them after they have found food, they make a body trail to the food, from the home.  Everyone knows where the food is and they always get enough food for the entire family.

I have bee hives and occasionally I have a chance to watch them as well.  They have a home in a hive.  They have worker bees, drones to fertilize the queen, nursery bees, and finally the queen.  They all work together a a unit.  Each bee takes it’s job seriously and has no desire to do any other job.  They forge for food and make sure that they gather enough food to where their is excess.  They have enough excess honey to share with us humans.  They are more than happy to share, as long as we don’t put their lives in danger and especially their queens’.

Watching them work is like taking a break from everyday activity.  Take you break from everyday activity and see what nature has to teach you.

So often we ask for help and we don’t expect it.  We are not in a habit of asking for help so we are in a habit of not expecting help.  I want to give you a tip that will help you to know that you are indeed receiving help from a something more powerful than yourselves.

Receive the blessing from the light!

A good friend of mine encouraged me to go to the indoor pond in the middle of the mall to make a wish.  I thought to myself, “Well that would be fun, I wish it was that easy.”  You know what, it is that easy.  Our adults mind forgset to dream.  We forget the magic of life.

  • The conception of a child.
  • The spout of a new plant.
  • The first bloom of a flower.
  • The sun rise.
  • The sun set.
  • Receiving a gift.
  • Giving a gift.
  • Santa Claus
  • The Easter bunny.
  • The tooth fairy.
  • A baby walking for the first time.
  • A baby gazelle walking an hour after birth.
  • Someone walking away from a car crash.
  • Someone lifting a car to save a loved one.
  • Seeing the smile on his/her face when you bring the puppy home.

We see so many miracle everyday and ignore them, instead of letting it remind us that their is a power out there more powerful than ourselves.

When I went to the wishing well, I realized that it helped me believe in the unseen again.  It helped remind me that all things are possible, because I am not alone.  I am not the one lifting the heavy weight.  There is a force out there more powerful than me that has my back.  One way for me to call on that physical, verbally, and emotionally is to make a wish.


The little person will help you dream again, they get so excited about making wishes.  They believe they will come true, how about you do the same.

See ya at the wishing well!

Give out a hug and a smile!

We are in the new year and their are lots of expectations that come with the new year.  What are you planning for the New Year to put a smile on your face?

Have you added something into you routine that makes you smile daily?

The best medicine  you can give yourself is a hug and a smile.  When you get a hug, it releases a chemical in your body that brings about a since of well being.  This chemical helps provide the right ingredients to increase production in your cells and create the best you.  The chemical can fight disease, give you energy and give you a new perspective.  Laughter brings you from a lower vibration to a higher vibration.  When we laugh, we forget about the previous moment and create a exhilarating now.

I want to tell you a story.  My husband and I were in the mist of a intense fight.  I didn’t want to give in and I wanted him to apologize and prove to me that he was indeed sorry.  The funny thing is he felt the exact same way, and wanted me to apologize.  We were at a stalemate.  I don’t even remember what we were fighting about.  We had already made plans to go to the comedy club with our friends, so we put our fight on hold and pretended like we liked each other.  After we had spent approximately 3o minutes at the club, we were laughing so hard our bellies hurt.  After laughing for about an hour, we forgot what we were fighting about.  In order for the fight to be serious, you have to remember what you are fighting about.  Because we were laughing; it pushed the anger away, brought us to a place of happiness, and we enjoyed each others company.  The other beautiful thing about the night was, the good feeling lasted for a few weeks.

My plan this year:

  1. Not to take things too seriously.
  2. To go to the comedy club a few times.
  3. To hug someone, every chance I get.

The beautiful thing about hugging a stranger is that it is all new.  The chemical that is released can be initiated, this will probably happen with a stranger when it might not happen today with a familiar.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t give you children a hug and a kiss everyday.

Join me this year and lets make the new year awesome!  See you at the comedy club.

What is your gauge towards success?

I think we ask ourselves this question everyday.  Sometimes we answer it, sometimes we don’t.  We have this fairy tale idea of what success is when we are little.  My four old always want me to tie a blanket around her neck so that she can be super girl and fly around the house.  I Love her imagination.  I Love to watch her play and wonder what pictures are popping up in her head.  All things are possible to her.  She is not old enough to allow logic to destroy her dreams.  When she is sad she will cry.  When she is mad she will scream.  When she is happy she will run around the house screaming with joy.  It is hard to tell her to be quiet because she is preoccupied with joy.

When was the last time you were preoccupied with joy.  She has no care in the world because all of her basic needs are taken care of.  Her only concern is what mood will her mom be in today.  Will mom be happy, silly, mad or sad.  What is she going to make me do today to get a cookie?  The point is, deep in her soul, she knows that she is taken care of.  She relies on that unseen force, that spirit that is more powerful than ourselves.

Whether you are mad, sad, angry, happy, sick, depressed or you fill in the blank; they are always there with hand out.  They are waiting for you to calm down and grab their hand when you need it.  A child demands it, expects it, so they receive it.  We must do the same in our quiet time.  The time we spend with spirit.  We must expect what we ask for.

Back to the original question.  What is your gauge for success?

  1. Do you want money?
  2. Do you want love?
  3. Do you want peace?
  4. Do you want understanding?
  5. Do you want ______?

It is not always a question of whether we will receive what we want.  The answer is, are we releasing enough control to allow the powers that be to do the work and give it to us?

We are already there, we just need to see it, expect it, get out of the way and allow it.  When we were children we didn’t have our logical minds putting us in a maze of destruction.

Expect change!

What do you expect out of life? What we expect, we get! This is why we tend to have the same size house as our parents or the one we spent a lot of time in. This is why we tend to make the same amount of money as our parents, or our mentors. This is why we dress the same way as our environment teaches us. If you live in Texas we like boots and big hats. If you live in the country, we like plaid shirts and comfortable blue jeans. If you live in the city and have an office job, we tend to wear dress shirts and slacks.

We either love our environment or we hate our environment. If we hate our environment, how do we get out? So often we pray or cry out to spirit, wanting a change. Spirit says OK, what would you like? We tell spirit what we want. Spirit says, “It is yours.” Some how we didn’t hear this answer. Why?

  • We are our environments.
  • We expect no change to occur.
  • We fight spirit, because we don’t believe.
  • We have too many voices inside or outside of our heads fighting change.

So we ask the question again, “Why are things not changing, if we already know this?”  We have already excepted this and think we are ready for change.  We have worked on this a long time.

We have to be willing to walk through the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) to allow change to occur.  If you get up everyday and have a cup of coffee.  You expect a cup of coffee.  If you don’t get that cup of coffee, you will seek it out.  If Spirit tells you to stop drinking the coffee in the morning to have success, you will fight it because it does not make since to you.  You are fighting the advice that will change your direction.  Not drinking the cup of coffee is another dimension that you don’t understand.  So you chose another direction, maybe the wrong direction and change does not occur.  While you want to reach this dimension, you don’t understand the rules, regulations or the day to day activities  You feel as though you don’t belong.  You fight to stay away from going to go to the next level.  The next level makes you uncomfortable, so you stay where you are at.

You have to be willing to put up with the change that comes with what you want.  Create a new environment for yourself.  Make the new environment home.  There is a strong part of you that wants this new place, so navigate the rapid waters and start your new path.

Everyone likes a good foot massage so I have attached just that for you.

Feet are very important to the entire body.  The feet have many pressure points.  A reflexology massage is and hour foot massage.  Reflexology tells us that different regions of the feet that are directly related to parts of the body, organs and energy channels.  Here is a foot massage that anyone can do and your loved one will love you for it!

Today we live in what I call the microwave age.

I have so many clients ask me

  • When is the pain of the injury going to go away?
  • How long will it take for the muscles to heal?
  • How long will it take me to loose weight?
  • When am I going to feel better?
  • When am I going to master this energy work thing.
  • How long will it take to start making money at the home based business.


In the information age we has lost our ability to relax our minds and wait the natural course of time for an activity to prosper.

We say that we want everything now, we buy lottery ticket and hope to win despite the odds.  We go to fast food restaurants expecting good quality food.  We want to take a  pill so that we can look like a model, have perfect skin as well as have the energy of a four year old.  We can have all of these things if we take the proper actions and give it the proper time to be accomplished.

Here is what is funny.  As far as money is concerned, the people who are financially prosperous are the ones that do the work and allow the time for their business or job to mature to the point of making good money.  As far as restaurants are concerned, we go to a places like The Bread Company because we want fresh bread.  We love the smell of the bread, the moisture, the texture and the taste.  The bread that takes 3-6 hours to make.  The owners of The Bread companies take the time to make the bread right.  In taking the time to make it right, they have many customers that desire their food.  They have success.

As far as having the model appearance, perfect skin and the energy of a four year old we must take the necessary steps and give it the proper time.  If we exercised, ate right and spent time with spirit everyday, we would get just what we wanted.  I will explain the time table this way.  All of the work out programs that are successful give you a chart to tract your progress, a meal plan and tips for success.  The reason they do this is so that you give the program a reasonable amount of time.  They want you to tract your progress so that you see the rewards along the way to motivate you.  Insanity is a 2 month program.  P90X is a 90 day program.  I could go on and on, however the point is patients.

Give yourself the time to succeed.  Be patient.  You will succeed!

There are simple things that we can do everyday day to re-train our minds to work in our favor rather than work against us.  We talk to ourselves constantly, some of us talk out loud and some of us talk silently.  Sometimes we hear the chatter, sometime we don’t.  If we don’t hear the chatter in our mind, and it is negative, it is hard to change.

How do we turn off the monkey mind, as we call it, and turn on the messages to success?

What are the self help exercises that we can do to have our mental tape recorder playing positive thoughts?

  1. Pay attention to what you think about.  Turn the volume up.
  2. Take notes of the messages you hear.  What is the phrase my father said in which I play over and over again in my mind?
  3. Take action to change these messages.
  4. Practice constantly.

A good way to pay attention to the mental messages in your head is listen to what you are telling your spouse, your children, your pet or you co-worker?  Who do you sound like?  If you said that to yourself, would you like hearing it?  One message that I liked from my mom, “You can do anything that you set your mind to.”  This is a good message that I payed attention to and I play in my mind all the time.  If it is a bad message, obviously you need to stop playing the message.  However you must be aware of the message first.

Write these message down.  If you don’t like to write, make a tape recording of yourself so that you can check back on your progress later.

Here is the part that I love, take action.  So often we recognize the message and we try to stuff that message so far back into our consciousness it will never be seen again.  The problem is the harder we stuff, the more it comes up.  I want you to treat the message the same way you would train a dog.  When I am trying to get a certain behavior out of my dog, I try to balance reward and discipline.

  1. When you recognize the message, make note and decide your action.
  2. With a good message, play it often and give your treat for good behavior.
  3. With a bad message, literally tell yourself no, no.
  4. Practice these two things often, minute by minute if necessary.
  5. Take breaks when needed

These or short and cute exercise, however they can be effective.  You are telling you mind that the bad messages are not OK.  Start creating new memories, memories that create success.  The more you hear something, the more likely the change.  You can eliminate the negative message playing for good.  You must practice.  When an athlete wants to play his best, and have predictable results on the field, they practice hours a day.  This practice always starts in the mind!

Obviously the goal is to change the messages and create good behavior in your mental thoughts.  As you move towards these bad messages, other stuff can comes up.  Expect this, sometimes it means you are going in the right direction.  It is better for it to come up, so that you can manipulate the situation to the direction you want to go in.  If you need help, considering a Reiki session or an Akashic Records reading.


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