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We specialize in  a intuitive touch to the massage while incorporating a vast array of other modalities including deep tissue, LaStone Hot Stone Therapy, Sound Therapy, myofascial, trigger point, tragger, and energy work. We take you beyond the traditional relaxing massage and address the issues that bring you discomfort. Sometimes you have have new or older injuries that are still causing you discomfort. Sometimes you are not energized during the day because you are not getting enough sleep at night. Sometimes you may have headaches for all kinds of reasons. Come in and let us help you feel better, sleep better, give you more energy through catering to you needs with an intuitive touch and live your life to the fullest with purpose.

We believe in healing the body inside and out, while offering inexpensive high quality nutritional products as well as skin care products. Take care of your body internally by giving it all the nutrients it requires. Experience a massage regularly and enjoy these renewing life benefits: relieve achy muscles, increase circulation, boost your immune system, experience deep rejuvenating sleep and help yourself relieve tension and anxiety.

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