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The Seven Facets of Seichim

Seichim is a conscious, Universal, multi-spectrum energy.  It is an ancient system of healing wisdom translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics into Sanskrit, (Say Keym).  Seichim, the word is used to designate both the energy itself and the healing system, which uses this conscious energy.

We were born with a connection to these Universal energies.  The initiations allow us to conduct, in a very conscious way, vast amounts of this power.  The Seichim frequencies are powerful tools for growth and transformation.  The energy can also be used in many healing modalities (the Quartz Crystal Bowls, homeopathy, color therapy, copper devices, etc.)

The ancient masters of Seichim revealed the existence of seven facets.  Seichim Master Teachers are empowered to pass on all of these facets.  Each facet is unique and complete within itself.  The facets build on experience from preceding facets.  Anyone becoming an initiate of any facet has complete, permanent empowerment of the unique attributes of that level.  No further action or involvement with any organization is required.

Each initiation triggers healing, cleansing and balancing in the initiate.  This is a powerful energy and individual exploration time varies.  Once initiated, a practitioner’s life starts moving forward quickly.  It becomes full of new experiences and opportunities to share and enjoy the energy in each of its unique aspects.

A First Facet Initiation begins a growth of conscious awareness of the energies around us as well as our ability to conduct them.  Each of the initiations allows us to access the greater powers that ate already within us.  They also assist us to release blocks that are held deep within the etheric bodies. The fee for a First Facet Initiation is $100.

A Second Facet Initiation nurtures our awareness of these Universal energies.  It also increases the amount of Seichim available to the practitioner.  This facet provides an expanded empowerment and the initiate begins working more with others.  It allows a deeper, faster cleansing of the body, mind and spirit when doing treatments on both self and others. At the second level the auric field reconfigures in such a way that others can be healed by your presence in the room and even your thoughts.  At this level, there is an even greater access to mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.  The fee for the Second Facet Initiation $100.

A Third Facet Initiation empowers the initiate to move very quickly through any manifestation of imbalance.  It speeds up personal growth to an amazing degree and empathetic abilities increase.  It is at this at this level that one begins a conscious dialog with the Seichim energy.  Healing of self and others is experienced at ever greater capacity with this empowerment.  The fee for the Third Facet Initiations $100.

A Fourth Facet Initiation empowers the initiate to integrate their hearts and merge with the person or thing being healed. It further enables the practitioner to travel outside of themselves and access the higher dimensions.  There is a much greater contact with the Higher Self.  The heart chakra expands and all areas of experience are touched.  The fee for the Fourth Facet is $150.

The Fifth Facet Initiation empowers the initiate with a greater understanding of healing sounds.  The palm chakras become ever more activated.  It allows the initiate to see and transform crisis into meaningful lessons and thereby allowing one’s potential to manifest.  Communication with the other realms becomes more profound.  Life begins to unfold as fast as you can run with it.  The fee for the Fifth Facet initiation is $150.

The Sixth Facet Initiation concerns the pineal gland, which directly affects our extra sensory perception.  Our clairvoyant powers, as well as our ability to recognize the unseen ones around us and others become far more commonplace.  This increase in our inner vision opens us up for some of the deepest healing and transformation yet.  The fee for the Sixth Facet is $150.

The Seventh Facet Initiation is the Master Teacher facet.  All empowerment techniques and ceremonies are then taught to the initiate.  Materials to reproduce certificates are passed out at this time.  This is an extremely sacred and powerful opportunity.  There really are no words to describe it, it must be experienced. The use of Seichim is done with love and a conscious focus on the Great Fulfillment, the awakening of humanity to the powers within all of us.  The fee for the Seventh Facet is $250.