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At Beyond Relaxation we are committed to improving the health of your physical body as well as your spiritual body.  We offer classes that help you explore the spiritual side of your life.  The presents that is felt around you which is not always understood.  In the beginning energy class, we learn to explore the spiritual side of our lives.  We learn to feel the energy and receive guidance from the energy.

The advanced energy class help the student to expand their conscienceness and communicate with their spiritual self.  Once able to have a better communicate with the spiritual self, one can use the energy to heal themselves or have a spiritual practice and heal others.

We offer beginning energy class where the students can learn about the basics of energy.  We explore how to meditate, how to ground yourself, how to protect yourself, how do I heal myself, and much more.

We offer Seichim Reiki classes which help the student become more aware of the universal energy provided to all of us.  Seichem is a healing, harmonizing, balancing, and loving energy.  After taking the Reiki class, the person is able to send healing energy to your as well as others.

We offer Akashic Records classes which help the person communicate with their spiritual self.  The Akashic Records are a energetic library where all the information about a person’s soul is held.  After a person takes the class they can assess their own records for healing as well as another person’s records.

We have a Akashic Records Reading book club to help prepare the student for the Akashic Records reading class.  The book club can also help the student answer any questions about the book.  The class is taught directly from the book.  We also have an Akashic Records meet up where you can come and talk to like minded people and get questions answered about the Akasha.

Beyond Relaxation offers many classes to help a person understand and learn to use energy work to help a person enhance their spiritual lives.


Click on the link, select energy classes, then select what class you want to sign up for.  It doesn’t matter what date you pick, the date of the class will be on the calender not unless you have a privite appointment.  The next page will ask for your credit card information.  Once you get your confirmation email, you are signed up for the class.  Your credit card will be charged the day of the class.