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We are a full service massage and spa offering a variety of relaxing and rejuvenating services.  All services are done on a sound table where the table vibrate to the sound of the music, gently relaxing the muscles.  This is a a complimentary service to enhance your spa experience.

Spa Services

Salt Glow Scrub – All natural organic sea salt is mixed with nourishing oil and rubbed on the entire body to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The treatment increases the bodies circulation leaving the skin soft and healthy with a natural glow.


Mud Body Wrap– Warm mud packed with minerals (as well as aromatherapy if the client desires) is applied to the person’s body for a short period of time. The mud pulls out any impurities while slightly exfoilating the skin. The treatment increases circulation and leaves the skin soft and beautiful.


Paraffin treatment– Hot paraffin wax is applied to the hands and feet, then left for a short period of time.  The hands and feet are given a therapeutic massage.   The wax pulls out impurities, decreases inflammation and leaves the skin soft and beautiful. The treatment is good for tired over worked hands and feet. It is also good for arthritis as well as other inflammation disorders.


Ear Candling – Protective equipment is placed over the ear and a funnel candle is placed in the person’s ear. The build up of wax is gently suctioned out. The treatment pulls out ear wax promoting better hearing, decreased sinus pressure and decreased mucus in the throat. This could help to balance your overall equilibrium.


Mini Hot Stone Facial – The face is cleansed with an all natural cleanse, massaged with hot stones to increase circulation and promote healing. The face is also massaged with cold stones to decrease any puffiness on the face and around the eyes. A nutrient mask is applied to pull out any impurities promoting healthier, more vibrant skin.


LaStone Hot Stone Facial – This hour long facial is something to be experienced rather than described. This one is the same as the mini facial except you lay on warm stones throughout the facial. You receive an in depth facial massage with warm stones as well as cool stones. During the mask the hands,upper back, neck, arms, and legs receive a massage with warm stones. You leave feeling completely rejuvenated from head to toe while improving the look of your skin.