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We are a full service massage and spa offering a variety of relaxing and rejuvenating services.  All services are done on a sound table where the table vibrates to the sound of the music, gently relaxing the muscles.  This is a a complimentary service to enhance your spa experience.

Massage Therapy Services

Swedish – Light touch, relaxing massage designed to reduce stress, increase circulation and promote healing. $75/hr


Deep tissue – Firm touch effective with releasing tight aggravated muscles. The added 30 minutes helps the therapist focus and concentrate on problem areas. $75/hr


LaStone Hot Stone therapy – The body is massaged with warm stones as well as body placement of stones. Energy work is incorporated into the massage to add a deep sense of relaxation as well as rejuvenation of the spirit. $125/100min


Pregnancy Massage - The client is given specials pillow so she can lay on her stomach.  The therapist can alleviate lower back and hip discomfort from carrying the baby.  The therapist decreases any hand, feet and lower legs swelling.  The client leaves refreshed and rejuvenated. $75/hr


Indian Head Massage – The client is fully clothed while having their upper back, arms, neck, head, and face massaged decreasing all of the main tension areas. The treatment addresses over 100 pressure points which promotes deep relaxation, increased circulation, and improvement in sinuses as well as a reduction of headaches. $60/45min


Hand and Foot Reflexology – The massage focuses on the hands and feet to bring about healing to the entire body. After the hands and feet are massaged with the therapist hands, they are massaged with warm stones. $50/30min


Focused massage – This massage is a 30 minute massage designed to address any problem areas that require special attention. $50/30min