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I can truly and honestly say that this was the best genuine, intuitive, deeply muscle relaxing massage I’ve ever had.  After this amazing experience, I felt the need to humble myself and express my gratitude in a way I have not done so before.  This is one therapist who is truly in tune with what your body needs.  Words cannot express what is best known through experience.

Trina T.


ShaDonna is a gem of a therapist.  She has a skillful and relaxing touch; her massage is pure pleasure.  Every time I see her, not only do I leave feeling physically wonderful, but I feel peace and tranquility from being in her healing presence.  ShaDonna has helped me through issues I have gotten snagged on.  With just a few words, she brought clarity and insight into one issue I had struggled with for years.  I highly recommend seeing ShaDonna if you’re ready for healing on all levels.



The Indian I have received an Indian Head, Deep tissue, and LaStone Hot Stone Treatments From ShaDonna.  The experiences were all deeply relaxing and healing.  her intuitive touch guides her to all issues that need to be addressed.  i was experiencing pain in my back due to my job.  By seeing ShaDonna on a regular basis my back pain and discomfort are greatly improved.

Mark. S


The Indian Head massage from Dr. ShaDonna Shaffer was spectacular, very stimulating and was quite a reliever of tension.  Dr. Shaffer’s magic, gifted hands moved with extreme exuberance and invigorating power, yet was so relaxing that I fell asleep during most of the massage process.

The after affects of the massage could be described as a feeling of being our of space; a loss of a sinus tension headache and the sinus drainage completely gone.

In fact, the head massage was so extraordinary that I have decided to have a full body massage every three months, just for health purposes.  I hardly have any head, neck or sinus problems at all, after receving two Indian Head massages.

It is quite obvious that massages are a vital in order to maintain good healthy body functions.




Over  the years I have been treated by some very good therapists, and I would definitely have to say her wholistic approach to wellness is the best I’ve ever had.  I can honestly say my mobility has increased to 100% since my back injury.  My job depends on my ability to move constantly and since my treatments with Dr. Shaffer I can work without the interruption of pain.  Do yourself a afavor and pay her a visit for relaxation and physical mobility needs.



I am lucky to have met ShaDonna and happen into Indian head massages. What a joy! It is rejuvenating and invigoration as well as relaxing. During my first massage I actually felt my sinuses open up – what relief! Over a series of five my various aches and stiffness are gone. For years using a computer has caused pain in my shoulder blades, carpal tunnel and tendinitis all those knots and pains are just gone!! My body is just so more flexible and relaxed. It has improved my quality of sleep and improved my energy level.

Cathee A.


Before starting a regular massage therapy routine with Dr. Shaffer, I suffered from chronic sinusitis caused by allergies, body aches, IBS and depression. I was also going through a very stressful time at work with having taken a newly created position that was overloaded with work from the beginning. After just one massage session, I started to experience deep, healing sleep — it had been several years since I had dreamed on a nightly basis. Good, uninterrupted sleep is a crucial kep to keeping my IBS and depression in abeyance.

Then as I discussed with Dr. Shaffer the various other health problems I was having, she was able to focus on fixing a shoulder injury from working with weight machines and upper and lower back aches from my seditary profession as a paralegal at a large St. Louis law firm. These pains were relieved after a few months of regular massage therapy sessions.

Dr. Shaffer and I are mow focusing on boosting my immune system to relieve allergies and chronic siusitis. I am already seeing improvements area — I have not had a sinus infection since starting massage therapy with Dr. Shaffer!

I used to think that massages were a luxury or something that I only gave as a special gift to someone else, not myself. Now I know that massage therapy is essential to good physical, mental and spiritual health.

Sheri V.