What is in your true nature? If your child is jumping on the couch; what is your immediate reaction? If someone cuts you off on the road; what just automatically pops out of your mouth? When you are walking down the street and someone asks you for a dollar to get something to eat; what is your first thought? If you think about your answer, I am sure you can come up with a clever diplomatic solution. The solution is probably not our true nature. It is the response we give when we are on our best behavior.

So who are you and who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person with the quick response or do you want to be the diplomatic person. Who do you like better?

We must look deep inside our self, without rose colored glasses in our view of observing the person. What judgements are you making about that person (yourself). Who made the rules? Mom, dad, boss, wife, husband, son, daughter etc.? When you look inside, could you place that little person outside of your self and judge that person as another person? Would you have a different opinion of that person? Would you be more lenient with that person? Do you expect less out of someone else or do you expect exactly what is in the true nature of the other person.

The best example to understand a person’s true nature is to know the behavior of the animal. When my dog is happy, he wags his tail. He can not help wagging his tail. My daughter will grab his tail in excitement. It appears that he has stopped wagging his tail, however the minute she lets go, it starts the swaying rhythm again. When my dog is scared, the hair on the back of his body stands up, and if a stranger comes near him he will bark. I can tell him all day to stop, however it is in his true nature to do these things. What is the true nature of your personal mammal (the little person inside you).

How often do we try to change other peoples true nature? How often to do try to change our own true nature. Should we be trying to change or should we be finding out who we are and accepting ourselves. Loving the little person inside, who we are just getting to know. The little person inside of us that we have buried so deep, the only person who comes out is the diplomat. Do you even like the diplomat? Decide.