What does nature have to offer and teach us?

Every time we look to nature, we have to slow down and take a deep breathe and go with the same pace as nature.

What does that mean?

Observe any animal, any insect or any plant and they will guide you through their natural course of life.  They always have a special beginning, a process that is a miracle.  They don’t have to be told that they belong, because the sure fact of being here lets them know that they belong.  They go through their day doing exactly what they are meant to do, within the time fame that they are meant to do it.  They move at a slower pace than most of us today.

Insects have to  push through so many odds.  The birds want to eat them, the weather can wash their homes away or make it difficult to get food.  The humans want to step on them, exterminate them and in some countries eat them.  With these odds, they go on through their natural course of life, they don’t worry about death, who likes them or their next meal.  They get up, make sure their home is secure, take care of family and forge for food.  This is their instinct in life.  They don’t have time to be depressed, worry about the storm coming or worry about what to put on the table to eat.  They search for their food everyday, they know that the odds are going to be in their favor, because they work as a team, as a family.  They rely on each other, help each other, have faith and work as a unit.

Look at the ant’s life, if you have ever watched them after they have found food, they make a body trail to the food, from the home.  Everyone knows where the food is and they always get enough food for the entire family.

I have bee hives and occasionally I have a chance to watch them as well.  They have a home in a hive.  They have worker bees, drones to fertilize the queen, nursery bees, and finally the queen.  They all work together a a unit.  Each bee takes it’s job seriously and has no desire to do any other job.  They forge for food and make sure that they gather enough food to where their is excess.  They have enough excess honey to share with us humans.  They are more than happy to share, as long as we don’t put their lives in danger and especially their queens’.

Watching them work is like taking a break from everyday activity.  Take you break from everyday activity and see what nature has to teach you.