So often we ask for help and we don’t expect it.  We are not in a habit of asking for help so we are in a habit of not expecting help.  I want to give you a tip that will help you to know that you are indeed receiving help from a something more powerful than yourselves.

Receive the blessing from the light!

A good friend of mine encouraged me to go to the indoor pond in the middle of the mall to make a wish.  I thought to myself, “Well that would be fun, I wish it was that easy.”  You know what, it is that easy.  Our adults mind forgset to dream.  We forget the magic of life.

  • The conception of a child.
  • The spout of a new plant.
  • The first bloom of a flower.
  • The sun rise.
  • The sun set.
  • Receiving a gift.
  • Giving a gift.
  • Santa Claus
  • The Easter bunny.
  • The tooth fairy.
  • A baby walking for the first time.
  • A baby gazelle walking an hour after birth.
  • Someone walking away from a car crash.
  • Someone lifting a car to save a loved one.
  • Seeing the smile on his/her face when you bring the puppy home.

We see so many miracle everyday and ignore them, instead of letting it remind us that their is a power out there more powerful than ourselves.

When I went to the wishing well, I realized that it helped me believe in the unseen again.  It helped remind me that all things are possible, because I am not alone.  I am not the one lifting the heavy weight.  There is a force out there more powerful than me that has my back.  One way for me to call on that physical, verbally, and emotionally is to make a wish.


The little person will help you dream again, they get so excited about making wishes.  They believe they will come true, how about you do the same.

See ya at the wishing well!