What is your gauge towards success?

I think we ask ourselves this question everyday.  Sometimes we answer it, sometimes we don’t.  We have this fairy tale idea of what success is when we are little.  My four old always want me to tie a blanket around her neck so that she can be super girl and fly around the house.  I Love her imagination.  I Love to watch her play and wonder what pictures are popping up in her head.  All things are possible to her.  She is not old enough to allow logic to destroy her dreams.  When she is sad she will cry.  When she is mad she will scream.  When she is happy she will run around the house screaming with joy.  It is hard to tell her to be quiet because she is preoccupied with joy.

When was the last time you were preoccupied with joy.  She has no care in the world because all of her basic needs are taken care of.  Her only concern is what mood will her mom be in today.  Will mom be happy, silly, mad or sad.  What is she going to make me do today to get a cookie?  The point is, deep in her soul, she knows that she is taken care of.  She relies on that unseen force, that spirit that is more powerful than ourselves.

Whether you are mad, sad, angry, happy, sick, depressed or you fill in the blank; they are always there with hand out.  They are waiting for you to calm down and grab their hand when you need it.  A child demands it, expects it, so they receive it.  We must do the same in our quiet time.  The time we spend with spirit.  We must expect what we ask for.

Back to the original question.  What is your gauge for success?

  1. Do you want money?
  2. Do you want love?
  3. Do you want peace?
  4. Do you want understanding?
  5. Do you want ______?

It is not always a question of whether we will receive what we want.  The answer is, are we releasing enough control to allow the powers that be to do the work and give it to us?

We are already there, we just need to see it, expect it, get out of the way and allow it.  When we were children we didn’t have our logical minds putting us in a maze of destruction.