Expect change!

What do you expect out of life? What we expect, we get! This is why we tend to have the same size house as our parents or the one we spent a lot of time in. This is why we tend to make the same amount of money as our parents, or our mentors. This is why we dress the same way as our environment teaches us. If you live in Texas we like boots and big hats. If you live in the country, we like plaid shirts and comfortable blue jeans. If you live in the city and have an office job, we tend to wear dress shirts and slacks.

We either love our environment or we hate our environment. If we hate our environment, how do we get out? So often we pray or cry out to spirit, wanting a change. Spirit says OK, what would you like? We tell spirit what we want. Spirit says, “It is yours.” Some how we didn’t hear this answer. Why?

  • We are our environments.
  • We expect no change to occur.
  • We fight spirit, because we don’t believe.
  • We have too many voices inside or outside of our heads fighting change.

So we ask the question again, “Why are things not changing, if we already know this?”  We have already excepted this and think we are ready for change.  We have worked on this a long time.

We have to be willing to walk through the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) to allow change to occur.  If you get up everyday and have a cup of coffee.  You expect a cup of coffee.  If you don’t get that cup of coffee, you will seek it out.  If Spirit tells you to stop drinking the coffee in the morning to have success, you will fight it because it does not make since to you.  You are fighting the advice that will change your direction.  Not drinking the cup of coffee is another dimension that you don’t understand.  So you chose another direction, maybe the wrong direction and change does not occur.  While you want to reach this dimension, you don’t understand the rules, regulations or the day to day activities  You feel as though you don’t belong.  You fight to stay away from going to go to the next level.  The next level makes you uncomfortable, so you stay where you are at.

You have to be willing to put up with the change that comes with what you want.  Create a new environment for yourself.  Make the new environment home.  There is a strong part of you that wants this new place, so navigate the rapid waters and start your new path.