Today we live in what I call the microwave age.

I have so many clients ask me

  • When is the pain of the injury going to go away?
  • How long will it take for the muscles to heal?
  • How long will it take me to loose weight?
  • When am I going to feel better?
  • When am I going to master this energy work thing.
  • How long will it take to start making money at the home based business.


In the information age we has lost our ability to relax our minds and wait the natural course of time for an activity to prosper.

We say that we want everything now, we buy lottery ticket and hope to win despite the odds.  We go to fast food restaurants expecting good quality food.  We want to take a  pill so that we can look like a model, have perfect skin as well as have the energy of a four year old.  We can have all of these things if we take the proper actions and give it the proper time to be accomplished.

Here is what is funny.  As far as money is concerned, the people who are financially prosperous are the ones that do the work and allow the time for their business or job to mature to the point of making good money.  As far as restaurants are concerned, we go to a places like The Bread Company because we want fresh bread.  We love the smell of the bread, the moisture, the texture and the taste.  The bread that takes 3-6 hours to make.  The owners of The Bread companies take the time to make the bread right.  In taking the time to make it right, they have many customers that desire their food.  They have success.

As far as having the model appearance, perfect skin and the energy of a four year old we must take the necessary steps and give it the proper time.  If we exercised, ate right and spent time with spirit everyday, we would get just what we wanted.  I will explain the time table this way.  All of the work out programs that are successful give you a chart to tract your progress, a meal plan and tips for success.  The reason they do this is so that you give the program a reasonable amount of time.  They want you to tract your progress so that you see the rewards along the way to motivate you.  Insanity is a 2 month program.  P90X is a 90 day program.  I could go on and on, however the point is patients.

Give yourself the time to succeed.  Be patient.  You will succeed!