Many people wonder what crystal healing is and what is the benefit of crystal healing.  Crystal healing is a healing modality that uses rocks and crystals to heal the mind as well as the body.  There are certain stones that I would make sure that I have available at all times.  Just to name a few: pink quartz, quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and carnelian.  The best way to pick out a stone that you need to carry with you for the next few days is to go to a stone shop and pick up and buy the stone that calls to you.  What does it mean to call to you?  You like the way it looks, you like the color, you like the way it feels, and you can find a place for it among your personal things.  We tend to know inherently what we need, day by day to to make each day better.  Make carrying stones with you a part of your daily ritual.  Below is a widget where you can look through some healing stones and purchase for your personal use.

When you get the crystal home, let the crystal lay in the window under direct sun light for a day and in the moon light for the night.  This will help clean your crystal of other peoples energy.  You also may want to wash the crystal in salt water, make sure that it is not a crystal that will dissolve in salt water.  Be courteous about where you dispose of the water, you don’t want to spread negative energy around.  A good reference book to have in your library to check the healing properties of the stones that attract you or the procedure on how to clean a stone would be, The Crystal Bible.  This particular book also has elixirs that you can make to help you on your healing journey.  You can also look up the stones that you choose and see what the properties are of that stone.  This tells you where you are on your journey, and possibly what that stone is clearing for the day, week or month.  It is also a good idea to constantly visualize what you desire to receive from the stone, this helps to align the vibration of the stone to what you desire out of life at the time.

Learning about anything new or continuing you education is always a journey, having good reference books around makes it possible to check the information quickly.  Have fun on your journey.