The Simple thing I can do Daily to achieve Success!

We get up early, go to work, eat in between and go to bed.  If we stay at home, we still get up early, take care of household things (if you have children, most of your energy goes there), eat somewhere, and find (by the grace of god) our way to the bed.  We go through this cycle everyday, without thinking about it.  When you go to work or take your children to school, do you even remember the drive.  Were you in a trance that kicked on and guided your actions?

  • We must schedule down time everyday!
  • We must schedule rewards intermittently throughout the day!
  • We must stop at moments and give ourselves a pat on the back!

When was the last time you scheduled an appointment with your friend to have lunch?  When was the last time you went for a drive by yourself, without a agenda in mind?  Have you ever scheduled tea in the afternoon, where your calender has a 15 block saying “tea break”?

In Italy most stores close down in the afternoon for people to have a siesta.  The whole country has scheduled in their daily routine to take a break in the afternoon.  Studies have shown that the calmer you are internally, the healthy you are physically and mentally.  Studies have also shown that people in Italy have a lower change of having high blood press and other stress related illnesses.  I will say that some of this is due to the wine consumption, however this is also a form of scheduled down time.  You don’t have to drink wine during your down time, or drink alcohol to force downtime, however you must rest during your down time.  If we don’t schedule down time our bodies will schedule it for us in a form of sickness.  We sleep every night because I bodies need rest.  We need to schedule the breaks throughout the day for the same reason.

We must get use to scheduling our own down time.  Once we get into a routine of scheduling down time, our system get use to rest.  The schedule of rest burns into our subconscious minds as the new thing we do automatically.  Our cells remember and look forward to getting breaks throughout the day and starst to relax.  Once our cells relax automatically the pressure to overwork is eliminated and your blood pressure can regulate.  We can create a new pattern for ourselves.  If we have more energy overall, we have more energy to succeed on our life journey.

What are the simple things I can do to achieve success daily?

  1. Schedule a breaks everyday. (Just like our jobs give us 15 minute breaks every 4 hours)
  2. Allow you cells to create a new pattern of relaxation.
  3. Give your self a pat on the back for the improvement.

Go accomplish your daily success!