There are simple things that we can do everyday day to re-train our minds to work in our favor rather than work against us.  We talk to ourselves constantly, some of us talk out loud and some of us talk silently.  Sometimes we hear the chatter, sometime we don’t.  If we don’t hear the chatter in our mind, and it is negative, it is hard to change.

How do we turn off the monkey mind, as we call it, and turn on the messages to success?

What are the self help exercises that we can do to have our mental tape recorder playing positive thoughts?

  1. Pay attention to what you think about.  Turn the volume up.
  2. Take notes of the messages you hear.  What is the phrase my father said in which I play over and over again in my mind?
  3. Take action to change these messages.
  4. Practice constantly.

A good way to pay attention to the mental messages in your head is listen to what you are telling your spouse, your children, your pet or you co-worker?  Who do you sound like?  If you said that to yourself, would you like hearing it?  One message that I liked from my mom, “You can do anything that you set your mind to.”  This is a good message that I payed attention to and I play in my mind all the time.  If it is a bad message, obviously you need to stop playing the message.  However you must be aware of the message first.

Write these message down.  If you don’t like to write, make a tape recording of yourself so that you can check back on your progress later.

Here is the part that I love, take action.  So often we recognize the message and we try to stuff that message so far back into our consciousness it will never be seen again.  The problem is the harder we stuff, the more it comes up.  I want you to treat the message the same way you would train a dog.  When I am trying to get a certain behavior out of my dog, I try to balance reward and discipline.

  1. When you recognize the message, make note and decide your action.
  2. With a good message, play it often and give your treat for good behavior.
  3. With a bad message, literally tell yourself no, no.
  4. Practice these two things often, minute by minute if necessary.
  5. Take breaks when needed

These or short and cute exercise, however they can be effective.  You are telling you mind that the bad messages are not OK.  Start creating new memories, memories that create success.  The more you hear something, the more likely the change.  You can eliminate the negative message playing for good.  You must practice.  When an athlete wants to play his best, and have predictable results on the field, they practice hours a day.  This practice always starts in the mind!

Obviously the goal is to change the messages and create good behavior in your mental thoughts.  As you move towards these bad messages, other stuff can comes up.  Expect this, sometimes it means you are going in the right direction.  It is better for it to come up, so that you can manipulate the situation to the direction you want to go in.  If you need help, considering a Reiki session or an Akashic Records reading.