There are steps to success!

  • Having a relationship with spirit.
  • Eating food that is live!
  • Taking care of yourself and Exercise daily!
  • Making money doing what you love!

Here I would like to focus on giving your subconscious mind what it needs to be satisfied.  Especially the dark side of your personality.  We must love all aspects of ourselves and that means loving the dark side as well.

What is it about your personality that you would like to keep private?  The dark side of your personality you can not live without?  That part of you which you are embarrassed about?  The part of you that you are embarrassed about is actually what makes you happy when you have it.

  • Do you like drama and cannot get enough of it on television?
  • Do you like to fight and can’t get enough of the fight club?
  • Do you like to haggle to the point where you are taking the shirt off the other persons back?  Would we find you at an auction or yard sale?
  • Do you like the _______ explicit part of the world?  You fill in the blank, you know yourself.

What is the trick to feeding this side of ourselves and still loving ourselves?

  1. You must love yourself just the way you are.
  2. Know that you are going to have good aspects and bad aspects.  Call it a balance, you must have ying and yang.
  3. Identify that part of yourself that you keep in the closet.
  4. Determine how much you need to fill your freak tank.
  5. Look for a safe way to fill the tank,
  6. Be happy knowing that you are receiving what you want.
  7. Remember that you are not alone, many people feel the exactly the same way you do.


Let’s use one of the examples above.  I like drama.  When a friend or stranger has a juicy story to tell, I am all over it.  I want to know every detail.  I want to know who is dating whom.  I want to know who broke up with whom.  When I am in the line at the grocery store, I must take a glance at the magazines to see what the stars are doing.  This is a side of me that I am not proud of.  However, this is a side of me.  How I fill the need for drama and make a positive personality trait out of a negative, is to look at my weakness as a strength.  A lot of my healing work involves talking, and I love to talk.  I love to get to the root of the issue and clear the energy associated with the problem.  I will offer myself a reward here and there by picking up the magazine and flipping through the pages.  I do not buy the magazine, however, it allows me some dessert.  If I allow myself a little of what I need, then I won’t buy the magazine, take it home, and read it for an hour.  I can use the energy to read the magazine to do healing work, taking what I saw as a weakness and using it for good.

When you have done everything you can, it is time to look inside and see what you need to clear energetically to feel complete.

This all sounds simple, however, how do I do it.  Having a relationship with spirit helps you face the dark side of yourself.  If you would like help with this have an Akashic Record Reading.