What is one of the important steps to remaining on track and success in life.  We have been talking about money, time and energy.  When we are really down, we have done everything according to the rules and nothing is going right; we tend to feel down.  Some of us say oh well and move on, while others feel a depression coming on.  When we feel the depression coming on, what do we do.  This is why we don’t succeed in life sometimes.  We are going to have bad times and we don’t always give the situation enough time to resolve itself.  Lets use a couple of examples, money and time of course.

We start our business opportunity, we do everything we can and we don’t make money.  This is where I love the don’t quit poem.  It constantly reminds you that with one more step, you will have all your hearts desires.  Lots of times we quit before that point.

How about the time issue, we spend lots and lots of time on a project.  Some examples would be marketing, quilting, homework or recreational project.  We become tire of undesirable results, so we quit instead of taking a break and trying it later.  When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb, he had thousands of failures before he had success.  He didn’t quit, he said “I have found one more thing that doesn’t work so I am closer to the solution.”

You might say that the motivation stuff is awesome, however how do I start digging my way out of the pit.  This is where the spiritual side comes in, the energy work.  I have mentioned several times the Akashic Records.  This is a form of energy work, that givse you spiritual guidance with everything, money, time, relationships and ect.  It really doesn’t matter what healing modality you are called to for spiritual guidance, just remember that the higher power lifts you up.

I go into my Akashic Records everyday for guidance.  If you want to have a good relationship with someone or something, you must spend time with them.  If you would like an Akashic Record Reading click here.  If you would like to learn to read the record yourself, check out my calender and sign up for the classes.

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Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

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