Today I want to touch on one more thing that makes us unsuccessful at life.  If you please let me use the example of starting a business, an opportunity business.  We are told that we are going to make a lot of money.  We set the goal of making X amount of dollars.  We join the company, follow all of the instructions and start advertising.  We wait for a day or two for the money to start coming in.  Once we fail we blame the company, we blame the person that introduced us or we say that we can’t do it.

Lets address the issues of time.  We have to give the activities that we engage in the opportunity to succeed.  We should ask the question, “have I taken the proper steps to achieve our goals?”  The spiritual side of life tells you constantly, everything happens in the time fame that it should.  We must work on ourselves to become ready to succeed.  The only thing that blocks us from success is what we are telling ourselves.  So when the person who introduced you gets more leads, has more activity and makes more money; don’t get upset and start on the path of destruction.  Remember that everything happens for a reason.  Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn.  We bring situations into our lives to learn and grow.

The question is how do we face this reality that hurts us on a core level?  We want to succeed, we want to move forward in life and we want to look in the mirror and say, “job well done”.  This is why I told you about the Akashic Records.

Yesterday I said that  I would tell you what the Akashic Records were.  Part of my massage business is doing Akashic Record Readings.  The Akashic Records is a dimension of consciousness, where all the information about you soul’s journey has been written.  Everything about us is contained in the records; past, present, future, parallel or other dimension.  This energetic library is interactive for someone who can access it.  When a person has concerns about any aspect of their life, the answers are in the Akashic Records.  The information that comes through helps the person resolution issues in this moment in time, so it is very powerful.  Get a reading and clear some of these blocks.

After you start eliminating the messages that stop you and you want to make money on line, let me know!

We will talk more tomorrow!