There are five essential oils that I would always keep in my house; tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, respire, and healthy.  Tea tree oil is an anti fugal agent.  Lavender is an anti inflammatory agent.  Peppermint can help with pain.  Respire is a mixture of oils that helps you breathe when you are congested.  Healthy is a mixture of oils that help to protect you from every day germs.  If you are going to buy nothing else, these oils are used constantly all year around.

Essential oils are all natural and can be used on anyone.  The only time I would not use a essential oil is when you are allergic.  Essential oils can be used on infants above 6 months old.  Instead of using drugs on your children, you can use an all natural essential oil.  You will usually buy an essential oil in 5ml or 15 ml bottle.  Some oils are light sensitive and should be in a brown bottle.  You know you are getting a good essential oil when it is in a brown bottle.  The oils should last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.  It is extremely economical because you only have to use a few drops at a time.  You should dilute oils in lotion,  olive oil, or one of your favorite natural oils.

Tea Tree is an all natural anti fugal agent.  We use a lot of tea tree in the winter because that is when colds are most prevalent.  We use 5 drops of pure oil and apply it to our feet at least 3 times a day until the cold is gone.  If we have any congestion, we put respire on out pillows at night so that we can breathe through our noses.  During the day I put the oil on a tissue and keep it with me.  I don’t like decongestants because they dry out my nasal passages.

Lavender is a anti-inflammatory agent.  You can put this on cuts, bruises or use it as a conditioner for you skin and hair.  To use as a conditioner for your skin or hair, just add 10 drops to your lotion or 10 drops to your shampoo or  conditioner, or a good all natural shampoo and conditioner would be Neways.  I mix lavender and tea tree and put this in Neways mouth wash and spray this on my children’s cuts instead of using neosporin.  The mouth wash is an all natural way to kill germs; adding the oils makes it more effective on cuts.  The mouth wash is called Eliminator.

Peppermint will help you stay awake; so when you take a long drive and you get sleepy, peppermint is excellent to have around.  Peppermint helps keep your breath fresh, one can put a drop on their tongue and it will keep your breath fresh for hours.  Peppermint and lavender mixed together can help with pain.  If you hit your leg on the side of the table and you want to alleviate the pain without taking a pill, put 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of lavender in your hand mixed with an all natural lotion.  This will subdue the pain.  You can also put this combination in bath water for an invigorating bath.

The healthy is good to put on you feet every day during the winter to prevent yourself from getting a cold.  You can put 2 to 3 drops a day on you feet and this will help boost you immune system.

Where to go to get you essential oils!