In a lot of our experiences, we see darkness before we see light.  We are here on this earth to learn and any time we learn something new, there is a period of not knowing.  A time period where we are uninformed.  A time where we need external instruction.  How receptive are we to instruction, especially if we are extremely intelligent about the subject?

I heard a truly exceptional analogy from a wise person.  Consider this, a seed is planted in the ground, in the dirt, in the dark.  The soil contains nutrients and the dirt is provided with water  from an external source.  With help the seed breaks out of its container and crawls through the dirt, towards the sun, towards the warmth.  The plant crawls out of the darkness, beyond the dirt and into the light, reaching towards the sky.  The plant continues to grow and sprouts a beautiful flower or some delicious fruit.  The plant could not become something wonderful without first starting in the darkness, following its natural instruction to grow.

We so often punish ourselves because we didn’t do it right, because we didn’t pick it up fast enough or because we want to impress the other person.  Maybe it is time to stop beating ourselves up and consider that we may need instruction or we made need help from a wise spirit or we need to look within our own soul for divine guidance.  Maybe the time of disappointment is not disappointment, but the time that we are in the dark and crawling up to become something wonderful.

Consider when we were young and we were much more forgiving towards ourselves.  We decided we were going to try to crawl and we fell to the floor.  We heard in the background, “good job”.  We decided to get up again and after about 50 attempts, we moved one inch and we were rewarded with a fuzzy toy in our face telling us how wonderful we are.  We shortly received a warm kiss on the forehead and we could feel love all around us.  Six months later we stand up and start to take a step forward only to fall down.  After 100+ attempts, we take our first step and hear the praise in the background so we continue to do the same thing over and over again.  When we are young we allow ourselves to make mistakes and continue to move in a path forward until we accomplish our goals.  We learn to praise ourselves, to love ourselves and smile so much that the people around us smile.  We push through the so called darkness until we reach the light.

What do you consider darkness?   Each individual considers different events in their life dark, while the next person would consider that light.  Could we consider all experiences good, that maybe we are crawling through the dirt into the light.  If the darkness feels like it is blinding us, then maybe we could consider external instruction, a wise one’s instruction or internal guidance from our  Divine spirit.

Crawl through the darkness, it is only but a moment in time.  You will reach the light and become something wonderful!  Make sure you give yourself praise and love everyday!