What are superfoods?  Superfoods are the foods that have a life force of their own.  They are packed with the highest source of vitamins and minerals on the planet.  Today the soil has been depleted of a lot of its natural vitamins and minerals, so many people are receiving their vitamins from a pill and are not getting minerals at all.  One question that we should ask ourselves is that vitamin bioavailable (does our body take it and use it to benefit our health)?  If the pill does not dissolve in 30 to 40 minutes in water, it is not breaking down to be useful in your system.  Are the minerals in your vitamin coming from a live source or is it crushed up rocks?  We are living beings and should be eating foods that are alive as well.  How would we feel if we were getting all of the nutrients that we needed every day in the foods that we eat on a daily basis.  We would be glowing!  We would have more energy, eliminate sickness, and look better.

So again what are some of the main Super foods, Raw Cacao, Raw Maca, Blue Green Algae, Alkalizing greens, phytoplankton and much much more.  Over the next few blogs I will explain the benefits of all of these nutrients.  We all desire to look good, feel good, have enough energy to work, play, and enjoy life.  What we eat are the building blocks of who we are and today it is simple to get everything that you need to achieve this.

Everything in nature vibrates at a certain energy, and we want our cells to vibrate at the highest energy possible.  By adding foods that have a high vibration, we are telling are body to feel good, look good, fight off infection (unwanted biological and non-biological substances), reproduce healthy cells to create basically a super body!