It seems as though our society is currently going through some rough times. The economy today has proven this by the greed of wall street, the housing market’s creative loans which hurt the homeowner, the rising prices of gas and other consumer products and we could go on. How do we individually deal with this financial crisis. Each of our situations are different; either it is effecting us directly and we are suffering, it does not effect our pocket book at all because it is not a part of our industry or our friends are effected so we are affected.  What can we do to progress through this time period and feel as though we have made strides forward.

There is something to be said about avoiding what is being said currently, meaning in the media. The mind is a powerful thing and what we put into our mind is what we get out of our mind. If we think we are going to be fine, we are going to be fine. If we think things are going to get worse, they will get worse. The media is currently saying a lot of gloom and doom about our lives, so the whole country is getting negative information which pours negative energy into the situation.  Why does our mind determine the situation that we are in?  As I just said the mind is a powerful force, we create situations to where our thoughts come true. It is the old scenario where the rich get richer and never worried about money because they will not put it into their conscientiousness so there will never be a problem.   The other side of the coin is the poor get poorer, where there is the person who constantly says something always goes wrong, no matter how hard I try something goes wrong. You have caused your DNA to write a positive story or a gloomy story and it will make sure that it executes the programming that you have set out for it.

Now it is time to change the programming to be always positive.

  1. Write down your positive assests and remind yourself of your positive assests everyday.
  2. Make a list of the material things you desire now and where you want to be in the next year.
  3. Sit and write down some goals for the day and mark the ones that have to get done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  4. Sit and write down some goals for the week and mark the ones that have to be done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  5. Sit and mark down some goals for the month and mark the ones that have to be done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  6. Write a note to your self that tells you how important you are and post it in a place that you see everyday.
  7. Minimize the exposure you receive from the bad news that is going on in the world.  Fill your mental tank with good news so that your spirit remains high.
  8. Take at least five minutes a day to meditate and treat your soul to the bright light.

If you are having trouble with any of this maybe you could consider an energy session (Reiki, Synergia, or an Akashic Records reading. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.