Mediation should be a part of our everyday lives.  There are many benefits to meditating on a regular basis; feeling relaxed more often, reducing  stress, lowering your blood pressure, creating clarity of thought, relaxing muscles, a better connection with your spiritual self, improves your hormonal level, improves your digestive system, ect.  These types of benefits can help anyone in any part of their life, and we have the opportunity to mediate at any given moment.

So what are some simple ways that we can mediate everyday and eventually work up to meditate an hour a week or an hour a day and so on.  When we take a break in the middle of the day, take a deep breath and clear our minds and relax for five minutes, this can be a form of meditation.  Why is this a form of meditation?  The goal in meditating is to relax, slow down, think of nothing else but peace.  When we consciously do this we are meditating.

What is a good start to meditating.  The one way that I make sure that I get at least 5 minutes a day is to enjoy a cup of tea all by myself.  I look out the window at nature.  I take slow deep breaths, blowing on my hot tea, and the warmth of the tea relaxes me.  If anyone talks to me during that time, I ask them nicely (so as not to disturb my peace) to give me a few minutes.  Everyone needs at least 5 minutes a day to themselves, to take a deep breath and slow their breathing.  Lots of people love nature, love to hear running water, and love to look at the clouds or the rain.  Watching the rain fall can be so peaceful, the fact that it is raining means that we weigh more.  The water in the atmosphere adds a little weight to each cell on the surface of your skin.  This is the best opportunity to relax and let nature calm your mind and your spirit.  To fight the natural order of life just causes more stress.

Once you are committed to meditating everyday, you will notice yourself becoming a new person. This is where I think of those people who seem to have no stress, or they seem to do everything well, or they seem to be walking around with with wings sprouting out of their back.  I believe these people are finding a way to meditate everyday.  Think of where you want to be, write the goal down on the calender and mark off everyday that you meditated, this will make it a habit.

Tips to meditation!

  1. Find a quiet place if possible, if not, put head phones on playing relaxing music.
  2. Have a water fountain running in the background.
  3. Take deep breaths, 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out.  Increasing the time of each breath until it is 7 seconds in and out.
  4. Clear your mind, if this is difficult think of a peaceful place and imagine yourself there, the smell, the sound, the appearance ect.
  5. Keep your thoughts peaceful, only thinking good for yourself and others.
  6. Imagine a loving presence surrounding the top of your head and your head relaxing to the point where you can fall asleep.  Imagine this for every body part until you reach your feet.  (Shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, waist, legs, then your feet.
  7. Stay in this relaxed state for as long as time will allow.

Attempt to make this a practice everyday and watch the stress start to melt away.