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Each day we want to succeed in life. Look in the mirror, like what we see and be able to say, job well done! Where does is start that we don’t like what we see? It starts with how we evaluate ourselves. Sometime we compare ourselves to others, receiving a less than perfect mark. Sometimes living by the way we grew up with, basically trying to make our parents happy. Sometimes we want what someone has so we work to receive it.

It is better to look within and see what makes you happy. There are basic things necessary everyday.

Exercise – we must keep our blood circulating to wash out the old and bring in the new as well as, help nutrition absorb.
Nutrition – we are what we eat. We put trash in, we get trash out. We eat right, we feel better mentally and physically.
Spirituality – feeling safe and secure is about relying on a power higher than yourself, guiding your life.

This morning I heard a wise man say for the business opportunity seekers to stop trying to make money online and figure out how to provide good content for a change. We get caught up in trying to make money (as a good example) instead of doing what we love and observing watch the money come from doing what we love. When you are looking at a business opportunity, do you like what you see? Can you do it everyday? If it is something that you would do already, then I guarantee you will make money. This applies to all aspects of life. This business has to do with blogging, talking about myself, which I love. If I find other people who are interested in my interest, I can discuss my interest with them. I also get the opportunity to show them how do what they love and make money online.

Stop trying to force the issues of your desires in life and allow the desires into your existence.

What is one of the important steps to remaining on track and success in life.  We have been talking about money, time and energy.  When we are really down, we have done everything according to the rules and nothing is going right; we tend to feel down.  Some of us say oh well and move on, while others feel a depression coming on.  When we feel the depression coming on, what do we do.  This is why we don’t succeed in life sometimes.  We are going to have bad times and we don’t always give the situation enough time to resolve itself.  Lets use a couple of examples, money and time of course.

We start our business opportunity, we do everything we can and we don’t make money.  This is where I love the don’t quit poem.  It constantly reminds you that with one more step, you will have all your hearts desires.  Lots of times we quit before that point.

How about the time issue, we spend lots and lots of time on a project.  Some examples would be marketing, quilting, homework or recreational project.  We become tire of undesirable results, so we quit instead of taking a break and trying it later.  When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb, he had thousands of failures before he had success.  He didn’t quit, he said “I have found one more thing that doesn’t work so I am closer to the solution.”

You might say that the motivation stuff is awesome, however how do I start digging my way out of the pit.  This is where the spiritual side comes in, the energy work.  I have mentioned several times the Akashic Records.  This is a form of energy work, that givse you spiritual guidance with everything, money, time, relationships and ect.  It really doesn’t matter what healing modality you are called to for spiritual guidance, just remember that the higher power lifts you up.

I go into my Akashic Records everyday for guidance.  If you want to have a good relationship with someone or something, you must spend time with them.  If you would like an Akashic Record Reading click here.  If you would like to learn to read the record yourself, check out my calender and sign up for the classes.

Wanted to give you the opportunity to meet me

Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

Meet ShaDonna Shaffer

Many blessing and we will talk tomorrow!

We have been talking about making money while having personal time.  We are presented with many opportunities to make money online and we don’t know what is legitimate.  We don’t know if we can make money with the business opportunity, even if the presenter has made money.  Will we make money?

What is the trick to making money online.  What is the trick to making money period?  Pay attention because it is simple, we make it complicated.  What do you like to do?  What is the driving force behind getting up in the morning.  What makes you happy, gives you energy or puts a smile on your face?  Whatever drives you to move forward day by day is what helps you do the activities to make money.

The easiest way to answer this question is to think about when you were little.  What did you like to do the most.  What are the activities that energize you now?

Here is where it starts, and I will use myself as an example.  I like to take a walk in the morning, before I do anything.  It clears my head, get my blood circulating and energetically washes  the old energy from yesterday off.  If I have a job that does not allow me to have this one simple thing in the morning, my day starts off wrong.  If I don’t take care of the simple needs, then the major needs do not matter either.  The basic spiritual need of feeding the soul. Filling the cup of the spirit is what helps you fill complete.

Once I fa fill the basic needs of the soul, I can concentrate on following steps in an opportunity to make money.  I can do the un fun aspects of my job to make money.  I can keep taking steps forward.  Here is where the spiritual guidance comes in from having an Akashic Record reading.  Once the soul is fa filled we can move on to the basic needs.

What are the Akashic Records?  tomorrow

Do you want to get started with make some money? Check out one of these opportunities here, here or here.  Which opportunity is best for you.  Look at everything, and shout me an email if you have any question.

Internal Success.

What has stopped you from succeeding in life, love or carrier? Is it an outside sources or is it internal sources? What are the steps to complete success?

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see. Are you beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Do you love the person you are looking at? Do you think throughout the day the nice things you can do for the person in the mirror?

If the answer is no to any of these things, it is time to dive in and start evaluating the internal source. Time to change the things within you that make this answer no and change the answer to yes.

What is it that makes you complete or incomplete.
3.internal messages
7.lack of fun time
8.unable to get a toy

The first step is to realize that you are unhappy, then it is time to realize that you and only you have the key to you own happiness.

Take the first step in deciding what you are going to do first to complete yourself.

Lets start with the 1st one and move our way down. Money, if you don’t have enough, can cause self destructive patterns with yourself. If you would like to find a passive way to make money that compliments your life style check this out . If this doesn’t interest you find what makes you happy and see how you can turn that into money.

Do you like writing and want to make money that way? Check this out.

Start here and then check me out tomorrow!

If you would like to jump start your journey, make an appointment for an Akashic Records Reading.

Akashic Record Reading can be done on the phone, just mention that in the note when you make your appointment.  If you sign up at one of the site above, and show activity you will receive half off your reading.

See you tommorrow!

What does it mean to look at life as all good? Some of us go through so much adversity, we think we will never catch a break. We look at other people’s lives through rose colored glasses. Have you considered that all that happens to us is for our best and highest good?

There was a young man who grew up in a wonderful home, married a beautiful supportive woman and had a fulfilling career as a speaker. He was so good that he had a large group follow his teachings. His group became so large that in the auditorium, he didn’t have enough seats for everyone. He rented larger and larger facilities to accommodate his flock.  He found a place to purchase for him and his flock to call home. During the negotciation for the land, the sellers decided to go with someone else. What he considered the perfect land was no longer his perfect land, it was someone else’s. In his despair he went driving around and just happen to come up on some land that was twice as big and half the price. The land was in a place where he had the liberty to do whatever he want, instead of following the rules of the other community. In his case, he got devastating news, was upset and in his sadness was brought to a place to find something better.

So often we get horrible news, we have a distasteful past, or we have a horrible boss. Remember, the powers that be have you best interest at heart. They could be trying to get your attention or make sure that you don’t do the wrong thing in life. Sometimes the only way to get your attention is through pain. The horrible news could be driving you in the correct direction. The distasteful past is molding you into a rock solid, good person. The horrible boss is teach you what type of boss you should be when you have his position.

We must look at life as all good, because everything that happens to us is always for our best and highest good.

What does it mean to start the day off good? Everyday get into the routine of starting the day off good. Get some exercise, put something good in your body and plan some fun.

Every morning get some exercise to get your blood moving, which in turn replaces your old cells with new cells. With each day that you do this, you will feel better. Everyday I take the dog for a walk first thing in the morning, he looks forward to it so do I, and I get excersie everyday.

Put one good thing in your body, some superfood that helps your body perform at optimal health. Have a morning smoothy, have a dark green salad (kale, collard green or swiss chard) or have a peice a fruit. When you give your body what it needs to function properly it gives back to you. Every morning we have a morning shake with berries, dark greens and raw chocoalte. Everything the body needs to function at its best.

Plan some relaxing time during the day or at the end of the day. Read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk or spend some time outside breathing in some fresh air. Everyday I take five minutes to go outside and take a deep breath, take in nature and appreciate its beauty.

Start the day off good!

So often we go through life with all these memories that weigh us down.  Each individuals  story is different and personal.  Each individual feels the pain of the experience and wishes the situation had never happened.

I want you to think about the experience in your life that you wish had never happened.  Think about how it changed your life, the course of action that your life took.  Where would you be in life currently if this event had not happened.  One of the biggest impacts in my life was when I finished my PhD and was planning to find a job and make lots of money.  This was the time when the scraping was supposed to end and I could buy what I wanted, when I wanted.  I was suppose to have more time on my hands because I didn’t have to study every night, this meant I could go out and have fun more often!   The universe had a different plan, I became pregnant which means for a chemist that I was kicked out of the lab for my safety and the unborn child.  The baby was born and I didn’t find a job. I had even less time to myself than I had before.  I began to believe that God had a bad sense of humor.

 I learned that everything happens for a reason.  Everything!  I learned that there was a different part of me that needed to be expressed.  The fact that I am a mother, that I am a healer, and that I wanted to be a healer not a chemist as a career.  I let go of the supposed control that I thought I had in the situation and decided to follow the Divine guidance of the light.  Now my life is enriched with two beautiful children and my family grows with all of the people that I meet and help through my healing work.

In our lives so often we feel as though we are in quick sand, sinking to that place in the earth that will smother  and kill us.  We are stronger than that.  We must take a deep breathe and relinquish control of the situation to the Divine light.  We must tell ourselves that everything happens for a reason.  Consider that when you are sinking in the quick sand, that you are indeed on a journey.  Once you go through the dirt and see that you are indeed alive, you have a reached a beautiful underground city .  A whole new life filled with new adventures, new people, a new habitat.  We have an opportunity to live a new enriched life.

In the previous blog we mentioned a plant coming out of the dark dirt and into the sunlight.  Sometimes we must go through discomfort before we can experience the fruits of our labor.  Once we come out of the darkness and into the light, how do we recognize that we are in the light,  indeed a beautiful flower or some delicious fruit?  Earlier we mentioned the analogy of learning to crawl, stand up, and walk.  It takes time and perseverance to accomplish goals.  When we are young we have patience  for ourselves, we know deep in our spirit that we can do it, we give ourselves healthy  praise and we receive healthy praise from outside sources.

How do we have patience  for ourselves as children.  When we first start out in life, we believe we can do anything.  We think of the reasons why we can do it.  We think of the ways to accomplish our goals.We don’t think about the ways our ideas are going to fail.  Think about when we went to the play ground as a child and we wanted to play with another person, we walked up to the person and stared at them (which means I want to play with you) or we simply said, “do you want to play with me”.  We have easily and effortlessly made a new friend and would gladly do the process all over again.  As we get older a little voice in our mind says the person at the play ground is looking at me funny, they must not like me.  The little voice will tell us to walk away from the person before we are rejected.  A person wants to play with us and we deem ourselves unworthy before they even get a chance to ask.  We must reprogram the little voice to tell us to take a chance, to keep and open mind and push beyond what we are accustomed to and set a higher standard of what is normal.

When we are children we are encouraged to try new things.  We are given many compliments for anything that we accomplish, especially from our parents.  When we are young we can do no wrong in the eyes of those who love us.  We know deep in our souls that we can do anything.  It is time to tell ourselves those things again, to give ourselves compliments.  Maybe you and I could keep a notebook of the accomplishments that we have achieved rather than a to do list that we never get through.

How do we stay in the light?  All the love and praise we received as a child, we must learn to give to ourselves as an adult.  We must learn to love ourselves.  We are still wonderful, we are still beautiful, we deserve praise, hugs and kisses.  What speaks to your heart?  What can you give to yourself on a daily basis that nurtures your soul?

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