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self help

What is in your true nature? If your child is jumping on the couch; what is your immediate reaction? If someone cuts you off on the road; what just automatically pops out of your mouth? When you are walking down the street and someone asks you for a dollar to get something to eat; what is your first thought? If you think about your answer, I am sure you can come up with a clever diplomatic solution. The solution is probably not our true nature. It is the response we give when we are on our best behavior.

So who are you and who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person with the quick response or do you want to be the diplomatic person. Who do you like better?

We must look deep inside our self, without rose colored glasses in our view of observing the person. What judgements are you making about that person (yourself). Who made the rules? Mom, dad, boss, wife, husband, son, daughter etc.? When you look inside, could you place that little person outside of your self and judge that person as another person? Would you have a different opinion of that person? Would you be more lenient with that person? Do you expect less out of someone else or do you expect exactly what is in the true nature of the other person.

The best example to understand a person’s true nature is to know the behavior of the animal. When my dog is happy, he wags his tail. He can not help wagging his tail. My daughter will grab his tail in excitement. It appears that he has stopped wagging his tail, however the minute she lets go, it starts the swaying rhythm again. When my dog is scared, the hair on the back of his body stands up, and if a stranger comes near him he will bark. I can tell him all day to stop, however it is in his true nature to do these things. What is the true nature of your personal mammal (the little person inside you).

How often do we try to change other peoples true nature? How often to do try to change our own true nature. Should we be trying to change or should we be finding out who we are and accepting ourselves. Loving the little person inside, who we are just getting to know. The little person inside of us that we have buried so deep, the only person who comes out is the diplomat. Do you even like the diplomat? Decide.

Self Healing Massage to do Daily

You can massage yourself daily so that you can make it through the day more efficiently.

Head Massage

Massage your head hits a lot of pressure points that keep you more alert.  Helps to increase you circulation, out with the old in with the new.  This also helps to increase the the brain’s circulation, meaning it makes it easier to think.  You can massage you head with you finger tips, you can also scratch you scalp which also stimulates activity.  If you don’t want to mess up your hair, be gentle.

Neck Massage

You can also massage you neck, which is where a lot stress is carried in the body.  When you neck gets stiff, it can cause headaches as well as moving pain into the upper back.  Never hold the phone with one shoulder, get an ear piece if you need to.  Lets save our bodies the torture.  By massaging you head and neck you can promote a restful night’s sleep later, important for rejuvenation.

Stretch your upper back.

You can pull your left should all the way to the right, then you can pull your right shoulder all the way to the left.  When are on the computer all day, our shoulders get locked up and stiff.  This help you keep your mobility as well as bringing blood and nutrients to that area of the body.  Some hand a forearm pain starts in the upper back and make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulder.  Take the globe off of your shoulders!  If this area gets too tight, it is time to get a massage from someone who knows what they are doing.

Massage your forearms

Your forearm suffer from all that typing as well, so give them some attention.  You can lay your forearm on the table and apply compression to them several time.  Once again this get the blood flowing as well as relaxing the muscle.  The will help you work a little longer, I know sometimes we don’t want to do that, however this will also alleviate future pain.  If you are prone to carpal tunnel or arthritis, this will slow the progression of this discomfort.

Obviously one of the best things you can do is get up and walk around and stretch 3 to 4 times a day.  The other thing you can do is bug your boss to bring a massage therapist to the office once a week.  If you cant convince you boss of this then doing these things several times a day will help keep you a little healthier.  When you take a shower and put on lotion, give yourself a little rub down while you are applying the lotion.  Very good for circulation.  If you are increasing you circulation naturally, you are forcing new cells to come and promoting a younger you.

Take care of you body and your body will take care of you!

What does nature have to offer and teach us?

Every time we look to nature, we have to slow down and take a deep breathe and go with the same pace as nature.

What does that mean?

Observe any animal, any insect or any plant and they will guide you through their natural course of life.  They always have a special beginning, a process that is a miracle.  They don’t have to be told that they belong, because the sure fact of being here lets them know that they belong.  They go through their day doing exactly what they are meant to do, within the time fame that they are meant to do it.  They move at a slower pace than most of us today.

Insects have to  push through so many odds.  The birds want to eat them, the weather can wash their homes away or make it difficult to get food.  The humans want to step on them, exterminate them and in some countries eat them.  With these odds, they go on through their natural course of life, they don’t worry about death, who likes them or their next meal.  They get up, make sure their home is secure, take care of family and forge for food.  This is their instinct in life.  They don’t have time to be depressed, worry about the storm coming or worry about what to put on the table to eat.  They search for their food everyday, they know that the odds are going to be in their favor, because they work as a team, as a family.  They rely on each other, help each other, have faith and work as a unit.

Look at the ant’s life, if you have ever watched them after they have found food, they make a body trail to the food, from the home.  Everyone knows where the food is and they always get enough food for the entire family.

I have bee hives and occasionally I have a chance to watch them as well.  They have a home in a hive.  They have worker bees, drones to fertilize the queen, nursery bees, and finally the queen.  They all work together a a unit.  Each bee takes it’s job seriously and has no desire to do any other job.  They forge for food and make sure that they gather enough food to where their is excess.  They have enough excess honey to share with us humans.  They are more than happy to share, as long as we don’t put their lives in danger and especially their queens’.

Watching them work is like taking a break from everyday activity.  Take you break from everyday activity and see what nature has to teach you.

There are simple things that we can do everyday day to re-train our minds to work in our favor rather than work against us.  We talk to ourselves constantly, some of us talk out loud and some of us talk silently.  Sometimes we hear the chatter, sometime we don’t.  If we don’t hear the chatter in our mind, and it is negative, it is hard to change.

How do we turn off the monkey mind, as we call it, and turn on the messages to success?

What are the self help exercises that we can do to have our mental tape recorder playing positive thoughts?

  1. Pay attention to what you think about.  Turn the volume up.
  2. Take notes of the messages you hear.  What is the phrase my father said in which I play over and over again in my mind?
  3. Take action to change these messages.
  4. Practice constantly.

A good way to pay attention to the mental messages in your head is listen to what you are telling your spouse, your children, your pet or you co-worker?  Who do you sound like?  If you said that to yourself, would you like hearing it?  One message that I liked from my mom, “You can do anything that you set your mind to.”  This is a good message that I payed attention to and I play in my mind all the time.  If it is a bad message, obviously you need to stop playing the message.  However you must be aware of the message first.

Write these message down.  If you don’t like to write, make a tape recording of yourself so that you can check back on your progress later.

Here is the part that I love, take action.  So often we recognize the message and we try to stuff that message so far back into our consciousness it will never be seen again.  The problem is the harder we stuff, the more it comes up.  I want you to treat the message the same way you would train a dog.  When I am trying to get a certain behavior out of my dog, I try to balance reward and discipline.

  1. When you recognize the message, make note and decide your action.
  2. With a good message, play it often and give your treat for good behavior.
  3. With a bad message, literally tell yourself no, no.
  4. Practice these two things often, minute by minute if necessary.
  5. Take breaks when needed

These or short and cute exercise, however they can be effective.  You are telling you mind that the bad messages are not OK.  Start creating new memories, memories that create success.  The more you hear something, the more likely the change.  You can eliminate the negative message playing for good.  You must practice.  When an athlete wants to play his best, and have predictable results on the field, they practice hours a day.  This practice always starts in the mind!

Obviously the goal is to change the messages and create good behavior in your mental thoughts.  As you move towards these bad messages, other stuff can comes up.  Expect this, sometimes it means you are going in the right direction.  It is better for it to come up, so that you can manipulate the situation to the direction you want to go in.  If you need help, considering a Reiki session or an Akashic Records reading.


The Simple thing I can do Daily to achieve Success!

We get up early, go to work, eat in between and go to bed.  If we stay at home, we still get up early, take care of household things (if you have children, most of your energy goes there), eat somewhere, and find (by the grace of god) our way to the bed.  We go through this cycle everyday, without thinking about it.  When you go to work or take your children to school, do you even remember the drive.  Were you in a trance that kicked on and guided your actions?

  • We must schedule down time everyday!
  • We must schedule rewards intermittently throughout the day!
  • We must stop at moments and give ourselves a pat on the back!

When was the last time you scheduled an appointment with your friend to have lunch?  When was the last time you went for a drive by yourself, without a agenda in mind?  Have you ever scheduled tea in the afternoon, where your calender has a 15 block saying “tea break”?

In Italy most stores close down in the afternoon for people to have a siesta.  The whole country has scheduled in their daily routine to take a break in the afternoon.  Studies have shown that the calmer you are internally, the healthy you are physically and mentally.  Studies have also shown that people in Italy have a lower change of having high blood press and other stress related illnesses.  I will say that some of this is due to the wine consumption, however this is also a form of scheduled down time.  You don’t have to drink wine during your down time, or drink alcohol to force downtime, however you must rest during your down time.  If we don’t schedule down time our bodies will schedule it for us in a form of sickness.  We sleep every night because I bodies need rest.  We need to schedule the breaks throughout the day for the same reason.

We must get use to scheduling our own down time.  Once we get into a routine of scheduling down time, our system get use to rest.  The schedule of rest burns into our subconscious minds as the new thing we do automatically.  Our cells remember and look forward to getting breaks throughout the day and starst to relax.  Once our cells relax automatically the pressure to overwork is eliminated and your blood pressure can regulate.  We can create a new pattern for ourselves.  If we have more energy overall, we have more energy to succeed on our life journey.

What are the simple things I can do to achieve success daily?

  1. Schedule a breaks everyday. (Just like our jobs give us 15 minute breaks every 4 hours)
  2. Allow you cells to create a new pattern of relaxation.
  3. Give your self a pat on the back for the improvement.

Go accomplish your daily success!


What is the difference between winning something and having success?

Some self help thoughts to help you navigate through the difference between winning something and having success.  Some of us grow up with the win win attitude.  We watch a football game and all we care about is our team winning.  We place a bet on the game, whether it be a wager bet or a gentlemen bet.  We go to our child’s soccer game and we want them to win so badly, a part of us wants to run out there and play for them.  Now we are spending time with our friends, playing a friendly game of Wii sports and our winning nature has crossed over into our relaxing fun time.

  • Where does this behavior begin and end?
  • Are we carrying this behavior into our personal lives?
  • Are we teaching our children to be overly competitive?
  • Have we brought this behavior into our dream lives, into our subconscious mind?

If we are trying to win all the time, everything is a game.   Everything is a competition.  Our mind, body and spirit never have a change to relax.  If we don’t win at the game more than 50% of the time, we become extremely unhappy.  This is no way to live.

The better way to live is to be successful.  Always striving to do your best.  Comparing what you do today to what you did yesterday.  Improving on your own personal work, rather than someone else’s work.  Success is taking steps everyday to improve your personal life.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? (remember that we never grow up so we are always improving)
  • What do you want to be successful doing?
  • What are the resources that you need to use in order to improve your personal stats?
  • Who do you need help from?
  • What rewards are you going to give yourself for accomplishing your personal improvements for the day?

Remember that you must be in balance to feel like improving your life.

  1. Make sure you take care of your physical body.
  2. Eat live food.
  3. Exercise
  4. Have a personal relationship with spirit everyday.

Don’t treat life as a game to win, treat life as a journey towards success!

There are steps to success!

  • Having a relationship with spirit.
  • Eating food that is live!
  • Taking care of yourself and Exercise daily!
  • Making money doing what you love!

Here I would like to focus on giving your subconscious mind what it needs to be satisfied.  Especially the dark side of your personality.  We must love all aspects of ourselves and that means loving the dark side as well.

What is it about your personality that you would like to keep private?  The dark side of your personality you can not live without?  That part of you which you are embarrassed about?  The part of you that you are embarrassed about is actually what makes you happy when you have it.

  • Do you like drama and cannot get enough of it on television?
  • Do you like to fight and can’t get enough of the fight club?
  • Do you like to haggle to the point where you are taking the shirt off the other persons back?  Would we find you at an auction or yard sale?
  • Do you like the _______ explicit part of the world?  You fill in the blank, you know yourself.

What is the trick to feeding this side of ourselves and still loving ourselves?

  1. You must love yourself just the way you are.
  2. Know that you are going to have good aspects and bad aspects.  Call it a balance, you must have ying and yang.
  3. Identify that part of yourself that you keep in the closet.
  4. Determine how much you need to fill your freak tank.
  5. Look for a safe way to fill the tank,
  6. Be happy knowing that you are receiving what you want.
  7. Remember that you are not alone, many people feel the exactly the same way you do.


Let’s use one of the examples above.  I like drama.  When a friend or stranger has a juicy story to tell, I am all over it.  I want to know every detail.  I want to know who is dating whom.  I want to know who broke up with whom.  When I am in the line at the grocery store, I must take a glance at the magazines to see what the stars are doing.  This is a side of me that I am not proud of.  However, this is a side of me.  How I fill the need for drama and make a positive personality trait out of a negative, is to look at my weakness as a strength.  A lot of my healing work involves talking, and I love to talk.  I love to get to the root of the issue and clear the energy associated with the problem.  I will offer myself a reward here and there by picking up the magazine and flipping through the pages.  I do not buy the magazine, however, it allows me some dessert.  If I allow myself a little of what I need, then I won’t buy the magazine, take it home, and read it for an hour.  I can use the energy to read the magazine to do healing work, taking what I saw as a weakness and using it for good.

When you have done everything you can, it is time to look inside and see what you need to clear energetically to feel complete.

This all sounds simple, however, how do I do it.  Having a relationship with spirit helps you face the dark side of yourself.  If you would like help with this have an Akashic Record Reading.

What are the self help techniques that I can do to raise my vibration and accomplish my goals?

  1. Self help starts with a personal relationship with spirit!

  2. Self help continues with knowing thyself.

  3. Knowing what makes you happy solidifies self help.

Checking in with your spirit every day makes self help long lasting. Listen to your spirit guides, the angles who are watching over you.


If you don’t know how to do these self help techniques, take a class, read a book, watch a video or listen to a audio. I offer Introduction to energy work classes that gives you the basics. You have to start somewhere. If you know the basics take a Reiki class, an Akashic Records class, or a healing modality that has been on your mind forever. The more time you spend with spirit the higher your vibration will be and the more you will hear from your guides, angles, and personal spirit.

The answer to being able to go to the next level, being able to accomplish your goals, make extra money  or eliminate physical pain is clearing the energy that stops you. Knowing what that energy is means having a better relationship with spirit.


We must take care of our vessel, our body!

Our bodies must be in good physical condition to hold the vibration of listening to spirit.


  1. Get a massage regularly, see the chiropractor regularly or learn self help exercises to do daily until you can afford it.

  2. Exercise everyday.

  3. Eat Live Food!


Many people think that massage is all fluffy. Your cells have to circulate in order to push out the old and bring in the new. Some of us can not get a massage everyday as the pharaohs did.  The way to keep your cells circulating and remain physically young  is to exercise. The other way to stay young and healthy is to give your body the nutrients it needs to have the energy to do physical activities.  Here is a massage tip!


We must take care of our physical need!


  1. We must have money

  2. We must have time

  3. We must have love


In order to make money successfully we must love what we are doing. Self help here comes from knowing what you love and finding a way to make money with it. With a creative mind, from yourself or from an expert, you can make money from doing what you love. When you are making money doing what you love, you seem to have more time and energy. This helps everything else fall into place. Once things start falling into place, you can look in the mirror and have love for yourself. Self love sustains you forever!

We all want to bring prosperity in our lives and now we can learn how to do this actively.  What type of prosperity would like financial, physical health, personal relationships or all of the above?

Do you live pay check to pay check? Wonder where the next dollar is going to come from to pay the next bill.  Are you trying to build your nest egg, so that you can be worry free? Want to have something to leave the ones you leave behind.  Do you wish you had a method that was turn key?  A method where the money was coming in like clock work and you were doing what you loved.  If this sound like you, focus your mediation on financial prosperity.  May be it is time to look into a business opportunity.  What do you like to do and how can I make money with that.  We will look into this more later!

Do you have high blood pressure?    Do you have sever allergies?  Do you have chronic pain?  Do you have physical pain from being over weight?  Do you seem to catch a cold more often than you should?  Focus your prosperity on physical health!

Do you sit alone at night and wish you had someone to talk to?  Are you married and you are still alone, because your spouse has too many different interest than I do?  Do you feel like you are in a dark pit and the more you try to get out of it the further you sink in?  The relationship prosperity is the one for you.  Remember that you are never alone and that you must have a relationship with spirit.  There is always someone who has the same interests as you, it is just a matter of finding them.

Here is an example of a little longer meditation to bring in prosperity.

  • Set a goal. (wealth, feel good physically, harmony with others, harmony with self)
  • Clear your vessel (your body) for taking deep breaths.
  • Fill your vessel with light and spiritual guidance.
  • Ask for what you desire.
  • Send energy to loved ones (it comes back to you)
  • Spend the new found energy to people throughout the day or night

One of the keys to success in life is successfully having a relationship with spirit. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you are checking in with your spirit everyday. We talk to our co-workers everyday. We talk to our spouses, or significant others everyday. Hopefully we are talking to ourselves everyday, giving encouraging words so that you can look in the mirror and say “job well done!”

One form of communicating with spirit everyday is to meditate. I think we have a mis-understanding of what meditation is. We all see the guy sitting in Indian style (some people can’t even get in that position!) with his hands held out facing up, his eyes closed and his body at peace. We have a respect for this position. We admire the peace we see in this guy. If you are empathic like me, you can feel the serenity within the picture. Once this is put in our consciousness, we want a piece of the experience. The problem with this guy is we are not this guy. We must find a form of meditation that work for us.

There are many forms of mediation, we must find the method that works for us.

Sitting meditation

yoga meditation



listening to music


reading a book


deep conversation with a friend


I want to give you a sitting mediation, for those of you that like that. For those of you that don’t like that, develop you own moving meditation and practice. We will talk more on that tomorrow.

  1. Sit in a quiet place.
  2. Turn on some soothing music.
  3. Make sure there is blue and green color around (these are soothing colors).Light a candle.
  4. If you want to dump a lot of negative energy, put a bowl of water near by,Take a deep breath (breath in on a count of 7 and out on a count of 7),3- 7 times.
  5. While you are taking these deep breaths, breath in divine blue light and breath out all the unwanted energy.
  6. Once you have reached a place of harmony, sit quietly for a period of time and bathe in the sweet energy.
  7. Allow yourself to come back in the room.
  8. Share the energy with others during the day. (what goes out comes back to us)



Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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