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Health Tips

Self Healing Massage to do Daily

You can massage yourself daily so that you can make it through the day more efficiently.

Head Massage

Massage your head hits a lot of pressure points that keep you more alert.  Helps to increase you circulation, out with the old in with the new.  This also helps to increase the the brain’s circulation, meaning it makes it easier to think.  You can massage you head with you finger tips, you can also scratch you scalp which also stimulates activity.  If you don’t want to mess up your hair, be gentle.

Neck Massage

You can also massage you neck, which is where a lot stress is carried in the body.  When you neck gets stiff, it can cause headaches as well as moving pain into the upper back.  Never hold the phone with one shoulder, get an ear piece if you need to.  Lets save our bodies the torture.  By massaging you head and neck you can promote a restful night’s sleep later, important for rejuvenation.

Stretch your upper back.

You can pull your left should all the way to the right, then you can pull your right shoulder all the way to the left.  When are on the computer all day, our shoulders get locked up and stiff.  This help you keep your mobility as well as bringing blood and nutrients to that area of the body.  Some hand a forearm pain starts in the upper back and make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulder.  Take the globe off of your shoulders!  If this area gets too tight, it is time to get a massage from someone who knows what they are doing.

Massage your forearms

Your forearm suffer from all that typing as well, so give them some attention.  You can lay your forearm on the table and apply compression to them several time.  Once again this get the blood flowing as well as relaxing the muscle.  The will help you work a little longer, I know sometimes we don’t want to do that, however this will also alleviate future pain.  If you are prone to carpal tunnel or arthritis, this will slow the progression of this discomfort.

Obviously one of the best things you can do is get up and walk around and stretch 3 to 4 times a day.  The other thing you can do is bug your boss to bring a massage therapist to the office once a week.  If you cant convince you boss of this then doing these things several times a day will help keep you a little healthier.  When you take a shower and put on lotion, give yourself a little rub down while you are applying the lotion.  Very good for circulation.  If you are increasing you circulation naturally, you are forcing new cells to come and promoting a younger you.

Take care of you body and your body will take care of you!

Eliminate headaches with a head massage naturally!

Before you reach for the Tylenol to eliminate your headache, lets try an all natural approach.   It is easier for someone else to massage you, however you can massage your own head and neck if necessary.  The best way to cure any physical pain is to search for the root of the pain.  Where does the problem start.

  • Do you have too much stress at work?
  • Are you carrying your child on the same shoulder every time?
  • Did you sleep wrong so your neck won’t turn in the morning?
  • Did you over exercise?
  • Did you engage in a heated conversation which has left you exhausted?

Physical pain can have an element of emotion attached to it.  The Tylenol will stop the nerve from sending the message to the brain that there is pain, however could be it stopping a message you need to hear.  Is the Tylenol causing side effects that you will have to address sooner or later.  I am not saying that pain medication is bad, I am saying to only take it when it is necessary.  If an emotional element is involved, sometimes the pill won’t help and the pain could increase because you have not targeted the source of the problem.  I will talk more about eliminating emotional pain later, however here are some things to help.

Getting to the massage!

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and place your hand on the head for about 10 seconds without doing anything.
  2. Take  your whole hand and move in a circular motion.  One hand at a time.
  3. Put an arch to your hand and only allow your finger tips to touch the head, once again move in a circular motion.  Increase the pressure in increments.
  4. If the person has hair, tug on the hair gently to stimulate the scalp.  (Increase circulation and hair growth) cover the whole head.
  5. Put your hands on their temples (the area above the ear), move in a circular motion gently. (most headaches originate here)
  6. Move to just in front of the ear, the muscle that keeps your jaw together and move in a circular motion as well.  (If you grind you teeth, have TMJ or have been hit recently, the headache could be here)
  7. Put your hands over the head again and move your hands in a circular motion.
  8. End with resting your hands on the head and move your hand away slowly.


One of the keys to success in life is successfully having a relationship with spirit. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you are checking in with your spirit everyday. We talk to our co-workers everyday. We talk to our spouses, or significant others everyday. Hopefully we are talking to ourselves everyday, giving encouraging words so that you can look in the mirror and say “job well done!”

One form of communicating with spirit everyday is to meditate. I think we have a mis-understanding of what meditation is. We all see the guy sitting in Indian style (some people can’t even get in that position!) with his hands held out facing up, his eyes closed and his body at peace. We have a respect for this position. We admire the peace we see in this guy. If you are empathic like me, you can feel the serenity within the picture. Once this is put in our consciousness, we want a piece of the experience. The problem with this guy is we are not this guy. We must find a form of meditation that work for us.

There are many forms of mediation, we must find the method that works for us.

Sitting meditation

yoga meditation



listening to music


reading a book


deep conversation with a friend


I want to give you a sitting mediation, for those of you that like that. For those of you that don’t like that, develop you own moving meditation and practice. We will talk more on that tomorrow.

  1. Sit in a quiet place.
  2. Turn on some soothing music.
  3. Make sure there is blue and green color around (these are soothing colors).Light a candle.
  4. If you want to dump a lot of negative energy, put a bowl of water near by,Take a deep breath (breath in on a count of 7 and out on a count of 7),3- 7 times.
  5. While you are taking these deep breaths, breath in divine blue light and breath out all the unwanted energy.
  6. Once you have reached a place of harmony, sit quietly for a period of time and bathe in the sweet energy.
  7. Allow yourself to come back in the room.
  8. Share the energy with others during the day. (what goes out comes back to us)



Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

In a lot of our experiences, we see darkness before we see light.  We are here on this earth to learn and any time we learn something new, there is a period of not knowing.  A time period where we are uninformed.  A time where we need external instruction.  How receptive are we to instruction, especially if we are extremely intelligent about the subject?

I heard a truly exceptional analogy from a wise person.  Consider this, a seed is planted in the ground, in the dirt, in the dark.  The soil contains nutrients and the dirt is provided with water  from an external source.  With help the seed breaks out of its container and crawls through the dirt, towards the sun, towards the warmth.  The plant crawls out of the darkness, beyond the dirt and into the light, reaching towards the sky.  The plant continues to grow and sprouts a beautiful flower or some delicious fruit.  The plant could not become something wonderful without first starting in the darkness, following its natural instruction to grow.

We so often punish ourselves because we didn’t do it right, because we didn’t pick it up fast enough or because we want to impress the other person.  Maybe it is time to stop beating ourselves up and consider that we may need instruction or we made need help from a wise spirit or we need to look within our own soul for divine guidance.  Maybe the time of disappointment is not disappointment, but the time that we are in the dark and crawling up to become something wonderful.

Consider when we were young and we were much more forgiving towards ourselves.  We decided we were going to try to crawl and we fell to the floor.  We heard in the background, “good job”.  We decided to get up again and after about 50 attempts, we moved one inch and we were rewarded with a fuzzy toy in our face telling us how wonderful we are.  We shortly received a warm kiss on the forehead and we could feel love all around us.  Six months later we stand up and start to take a step forward only to fall down.  After 100+ attempts, we take our first step and hear the praise in the background so we continue to do the same thing over and over again.  When we are young we allow ourselves to make mistakes and continue to move in a path forward until we accomplish our goals.  We learn to praise ourselves, to love ourselves and smile so much that the people around us smile.  We push through the so called darkness until we reach the light.

What do you consider darkness?   Each individual considers different events in their life dark, while the next person would consider that light.  Could we consider all experiences good, that maybe we are crawling through the dirt into the light.  If the darkness feels like it is blinding us, then maybe we could consider external instruction, a wise one’s instruction or internal guidance from our  Divine spirit.

Crawl through the darkness, it is only but a moment in time.  You will reach the light and become something wonderful!  Make sure you give yourself praise and love everyday!

We are being told on a constant basis currently that chocolate is good for us. Why is chocolate good for us and in what form is it good for us? Everyone says to eat dark chocolate because of all of the nutrients in it!  Why is dark chocolate the one that is good for you?  Did you know that if you cook the chocolate, you damage the molecules that would give your body vital nutrients. In order to get a chocolate bar you have to add so many other ingredients to make it taste good that it looses its nutritional value.

Raw Cacao is a natural, raw form of chocolate that comes from the seeds or beans of the cacao fruit. Who knew chocolate was a fruit? In its raw unadulterated state, chocolate is a potent super-food loaded with nutrients and neuropeptides very similar to the ones our bodies create when we are in love.  The Cacao seed was know to the Mexicans as the Goddess of the seeds.  After pounding the fruit they called it chocolate.

Raw Cacao Powder contains a number of rare key nutrients that enhance physical and mental well-being.  It contains antioxidant flavoanoids, essential minerals (Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sulfur, and Potassium), chemicals that enhance physical and mental well-being  (alkaloids, proteins, magnesium, beta-carotene, leucine, linoleic acid, lipase, lysine), and some neurotransmitters (dopamine and anandamine).

Elements for Life raw cacao powder is certified organic and raw.  The powder comes straight from the farmer who use sustainable methods that have been used for generations.  The powder is free of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.  It is processed at low temperatures.  The process protects the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Go get your cacao powder and eat plenty of it.


1 tablespoon of cacao

1 tablespoon of agave nectar or honey (add more if you like it sweeter)

1 banana

1 cup of almond milk (add mineral water to it will taste like a chocoalte soda, yum)

Enjoy this creamy chocolate drink!

For more nutrients, add Maca, Revitaphi, cordyceps or blue green algae to make a complete meal.  You can also add hemp seed or sesame seed which will add a nutty flavor as well as other vital nutrients.

What are superfoods?  Superfoods are the foods that have a life force of their own.  They are packed with the highest source of vitamins and minerals on the planet.  Today the soil has been depleted of a lot of its natural vitamins and minerals, so many people are receiving their vitamins from a pill and are not getting minerals at all.  One question that we should ask ourselves is that vitamin bioavailable (does our body take it and use it to benefit our health)?  If the pill does not dissolve in 30 to 40 minutes in water, it is not breaking down to be useful in your system.  Are the minerals in your vitamin coming from a live source or is it crushed up rocks?  We are living beings and should be eating foods that are alive as well.  How would we feel if we were getting all of the nutrients that we needed every day in the foods that we eat on a daily basis.  We would be glowing!  We would have more energy, eliminate sickness, and look better.

So again what are some of the main Super foods, Raw Cacao, Raw Maca, Blue Green Algae, Alkalizing greens, phytoplankton and much much more.  Over the next few blogs I will explain the benefits of all of these nutrients.  We all desire to look good, feel good, have enough energy to work, play, and enjoy life.  What we eat are the building blocks of who we are and today it is simple to get everything that you need to achieve this.

Everything in nature vibrates at a certain energy, and we want our cells to vibrate at the highest energy possible.  By adding foods that have a high vibration, we are telling are body to feel good, look good, fight off infection (unwanted biological and non-biological substances), reproduce healthy cells to create basically a super body!


It seems as though our society is currently going through some rough times. The economy today has proven this by the greed of wall street, the housing market’s creative loans which hurt the homeowner, the rising prices of gas and other consumer products and we could go on. How do we individually deal with this financial crisis. Each of our situations are different; either it is effecting us directly and we are suffering, it does not effect our pocket book at all because it is not a part of our industry or our friends are effected so we are affected.  What can we do to progress through this time period and feel as though we have made strides forward.

There is something to be said about avoiding what is being said currently, meaning in the media. The mind is a powerful thing and what we put into our mind is what we get out of our mind. If we think we are going to be fine, we are going to be fine. If we think things are going to get worse, they will get worse. The media is currently saying a lot of gloom and doom about our lives, so the whole country is getting negative information which pours negative energy into the situation.  Why does our mind determine the situation that we are in?  As I just said the mind is a powerful force, we create situations to where our thoughts come true. It is the old scenario where the rich get richer and never worried about money because they will not put it into their conscientiousness so there will never be a problem.   The other side of the coin is the poor get poorer, where there is the person who constantly says something always goes wrong, no matter how hard I try something goes wrong. You have caused your DNA to write a positive story or a gloomy story and it will make sure that it executes the programming that you have set out for it.

Now it is time to change the programming to be always positive.

  1. Write down your positive assests and remind yourself of your positive assests everyday.
  2. Make a list of the material things you desire now and where you want to be in the next year.
  3. Sit and write down some goals for the day and mark the ones that have to get done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  4. Sit and write down some goals for the week and mark the ones that have to be done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  5. Sit and mark down some goals for the month and mark the ones that have to be done.  As you do them mark them off to show the progress you have made.
  6. Write a note to your self that tells you how important you are and post it in a place that you see everyday.
  7. Minimize the exposure you receive from the bad news that is going on in the world.  Fill your mental tank with good news so that your spirit remains high.
  8. Take at least five minutes a day to meditate and treat your soul to the bright light.

If you are having trouble with any of this maybe you could consider an energy session (Reiki, Synergia, or an Akashic Records reading. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Mediation should be a part of our everyday lives.  There are many benefits to meditating on a regular basis; feeling relaxed more often, reducing  stress, lowering your blood pressure, creating clarity of thought, relaxing muscles, a better connection with your spiritual self, improves your hormonal level, improves your digestive system, ect.  These types of benefits can help anyone in any part of their life, and we have the opportunity to mediate at any given moment.

So what are some simple ways that we can mediate everyday and eventually work up to meditate an hour a week or an hour a day and so on.  When we take a break in the middle of the day, take a deep breath and clear our minds and relax for five minutes, this can be a form of meditation.  Why is this a form of meditation?  The goal in meditating is to relax, slow down, think of nothing else but peace.  When we consciously do this we are meditating.

What is a good start to meditating.  The one way that I make sure that I get at least 5 minutes a day is to enjoy a cup of tea all by myself.  I look out the window at nature.  I take slow deep breaths, blowing on my hot tea, and the warmth of the tea relaxes me.  If anyone talks to me during that time, I ask them nicely (so as not to disturb my peace) to give me a few minutes.  Everyone needs at least 5 minutes a day to themselves, to take a deep breath and slow their breathing.  Lots of people love nature, love to hear running water, and love to look at the clouds or the rain.  Watching the rain fall can be so peaceful, the fact that it is raining means that we weigh more.  The water in the atmosphere adds a little weight to each cell on the surface of your skin.  This is the best opportunity to relax and let nature calm your mind and your spirit.  To fight the natural order of life just causes more stress.

Once you are committed to meditating everyday, you will notice yourself becoming a new person. This is where I think of those people who seem to have no stress, or they seem to do everything well, or they seem to be walking around with with wings sprouting out of their back.  I believe these people are finding a way to meditate everyday.  Think of where you want to be, write the goal down on the calender and mark off everyday that you meditated, this will make it a habit.

Tips to meditation!

  1. Find a quiet place if possible, if not, put head phones on playing relaxing music.
  2. Have a water fountain running in the background.
  3. Take deep breaths, 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out.  Increasing the time of each breath until it is 7 seconds in and out.
  4. Clear your mind, if this is difficult think of a peaceful place and imagine yourself there, the smell, the sound, the appearance ect.
  5. Keep your thoughts peaceful, only thinking good for yourself and others.
  6. Imagine a loving presence surrounding the top of your head and your head relaxing to the point where you can fall asleep.  Imagine this for every body part until you reach your feet.  (Shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, waist, legs, then your feet.
  7. Stay in this relaxed state for as long as time will allow.

Attempt to make this a practice everyday and watch the stress start to melt away.

There are five essential oils that I would always keep in my house; tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, respire, and healthy.  Tea tree oil is an anti fugal agent.  Lavender is an anti inflammatory agent.  Peppermint can help with pain.  Respire is a mixture of oils that helps you breathe when you are congested.  Healthy is a mixture of oils that help to protect you from every day germs.  If you are going to buy nothing else, these oils are used constantly all year around.

Essential oils are all natural and can be used on anyone.  The only time I would not use a essential oil is when you are allergic.  Essential oils can be used on infants above 6 months old.  Instead of using drugs on your children, you can use an all natural essential oil.  You will usually buy an essential oil in 5ml or 15 ml bottle.  Some oils are light sensitive and should be in a brown bottle.  You know you are getting a good essential oil when it is in a brown bottle.  The oils should last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.  It is extremely economical because you only have to use a few drops at a time.  You should dilute oils in lotion,  olive oil, or one of your favorite natural oils.

Tea Tree is an all natural anti fugal agent.  We use a lot of tea tree in the winter because that is when colds are most prevalent.  We use 5 drops of pure oil and apply it to our feet at least 3 times a day until the cold is gone.  If we have any congestion, we put respire on out pillows at night so that we can breathe through our noses.  During the day I put the oil on a tissue and keep it with me.  I don’t like decongestants because they dry out my nasal passages.

Lavender is a anti-inflammatory agent.  You can put this on cuts, bruises or use it as a conditioner for you skin and hair.  To use as a conditioner for your skin or hair, just add 10 drops to your lotion or 10 drops to your shampoo or  conditioner, or a good all natural shampoo and conditioner would be Neways.  I mix lavender and tea tree and put this in Neways mouth wash and spray this on my children’s cuts instead of using neosporin.  The mouth wash is an all natural way to kill germs; adding the oils makes it more effective on cuts.  The mouth wash is called Eliminator.

Peppermint will help you stay awake; so when you take a long drive and you get sleepy, peppermint is excellent to have around.  Peppermint helps keep your breath fresh, one can put a drop on their tongue and it will keep your breath fresh for hours.  Peppermint and lavender mixed together can help with pain.  If you hit your leg on the side of the table and you want to alleviate the pain without taking a pill, put 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of lavender in your hand mixed with an all natural lotion.  This will subdue the pain.  You can also put this combination in bath water for an invigorating bath.

The healthy is good to put on you feet every day during the winter to prevent yourself from getting a cold.  You can put 2 to 3 drops a day on you feet and this will help boost you immune system.

Where to go to get you essential oils!