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Healing Modalities

What is in your true nature? If your child is jumping on the couch; what is your immediate reaction? If someone cuts you off on the road; what just automatically pops out of your mouth? When you are walking down the street and someone asks you for a dollar to get something to eat; what is your first thought? If you think about your answer, I am sure you can come up with a clever diplomatic solution. The solution is probably not our true nature. It is the response we give when we are on our best behavior.

So who are you and who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person with the quick response or do you want to be the diplomatic person. Who do you like better?

We must look deep inside our self, without rose colored glasses in our view of observing the person. What judgements are you making about that person (yourself). Who made the rules? Mom, dad, boss, wife, husband, son, daughter etc.? When you look inside, could you place that little person outside of your self and judge that person as another person? Would you have a different opinion of that person? Would you be more lenient with that person? Do you expect less out of someone else or do you expect exactly what is in the true nature of the other person.

The best example to understand a person’s true nature is to know the behavior of the animal. When my dog is happy, he wags his tail. He can not help wagging his tail. My daughter will grab his tail in excitement. It appears that he has stopped wagging his tail, however the minute she lets go, it starts the swaying rhythm again. When my dog is scared, the hair on the back of his body stands up, and if a stranger comes near him he will bark. I can tell him all day to stop, however it is in his true nature to do these things. What is the true nature of your personal mammal (the little person inside you).

How often do we try to change other peoples true nature? How often to do try to change our own true nature. Should we be trying to change or should we be finding out who we are and accepting ourselves. Loving the little person inside, who we are just getting to know. The little person inside of us that we have buried so deep, the only person who comes out is the diplomat. Do you even like the diplomat? Decide.

Eliminate headaches with a head massage naturally!

Before you reach for the Tylenol to eliminate your headache, lets try an all natural approach.   It is easier for someone else to massage you, however you can massage your own head and neck if necessary.  The best way to cure any physical pain is to search for the root of the pain.  Where does the problem start.

  • Do you have too much stress at work?
  • Are you carrying your child on the same shoulder every time?
  • Did you sleep wrong so your neck won’t turn in the morning?
  • Did you over exercise?
  • Did you engage in a heated conversation which has left you exhausted?

Physical pain can have an element of emotion attached to it.  The Tylenol will stop the nerve from sending the message to the brain that there is pain, however could be it stopping a message you need to hear.  Is the Tylenol causing side effects that you will have to address sooner or later.  I am not saying that pain medication is bad, I am saying to only take it when it is necessary.  If an emotional element is involved, sometimes the pill won’t help and the pain could increase because you have not targeted the source of the problem.  I will talk more about eliminating emotional pain later, however here are some things to help.

Getting to the massage!

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and place your hand on the head for about 10 seconds without doing anything.
  2. Take  your whole hand and move in a circular motion.  One hand at a time.
  3. Put an arch to your hand and only allow your finger tips to touch the head, once again move in a circular motion.  Increase the pressure in increments.
  4. If the person has hair, tug on the hair gently to stimulate the scalp.  (Increase circulation and hair growth) cover the whole head.
  5. Put your hands on their temples (the area above the ear), move in a circular motion gently. (most headaches originate here)
  6. Move to just in front of the ear, the muscle that keeps your jaw together and move in a circular motion as well.  (If you grind you teeth, have TMJ or have been hit recently, the headache could be here)
  7. Put your hands over the head again and move your hands in a circular motion.
  8. End with resting your hands on the head and move your hand away slowly.


We all want to bring prosperity in our lives and now we can learn how to do this actively.  What type of prosperity would like financial, physical health, personal relationships or all of the above?

Do you live pay check to pay check? Wonder where the next dollar is going to come from to pay the next bill.  Are you trying to build your nest egg, so that you can be worry free? Want to have something to leave the ones you leave behind.  Do you wish you had a method that was turn key?  A method where the money was coming in like clock work and you were doing what you loved.  If this sound like you, focus your mediation on financial prosperity.  May be it is time to look into a business opportunity.  What do you like to do and how can I make money with that.  We will look into this more later!

Do you have high blood pressure?    Do you have sever allergies?  Do you have chronic pain?  Do you have physical pain from being over weight?  Do you seem to catch a cold more often than you should?  Focus your prosperity on physical health!

Do you sit alone at night and wish you had someone to talk to?  Are you married and you are still alone, because your spouse has too many different interest than I do?  Do you feel like you are in a dark pit and the more you try to get out of it the further you sink in?  The relationship prosperity is the one for you.  Remember that you are never alone and that you must have a relationship with spirit.  There is always someone who has the same interests as you, it is just a matter of finding them.

Here is an example of a little longer meditation to bring in prosperity.

  • Set a goal. (wealth, feel good physically, harmony with others, harmony with self)
  • Clear your vessel (your body) for taking deep breaths.
  • Fill your vessel with light and spiritual guidance.
  • Ask for what you desire.
  • Send energy to loved ones (it comes back to you)
  • Spend the new found energy to people throughout the day or night

One of the keys to success in life is successfully having a relationship with spirit. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you are checking in with your spirit everyday. We talk to our co-workers everyday. We talk to our spouses, or significant others everyday. Hopefully we are talking to ourselves everyday, giving encouraging words so that you can look in the mirror and say “job well done!”

One form of communicating with spirit everyday is to meditate. I think we have a mis-understanding of what meditation is. We all see the guy sitting in Indian style (some people can’t even get in that position!) with his hands held out facing up, his eyes closed and his body at peace. We have a respect for this position. We admire the peace we see in this guy. If you are empathic like me, you can feel the serenity within the picture. Once this is put in our consciousness, we want a piece of the experience. The problem with this guy is we are not this guy. We must find a form of meditation that work for us.

There are many forms of mediation, we must find the method that works for us.

Sitting meditation

yoga meditation



listening to music


reading a book


deep conversation with a friend


I want to give you a sitting mediation, for those of you that like that. For those of you that don’t like that, develop you own moving meditation and practice. We will talk more on that tomorrow.

  1. Sit in a quiet place.
  2. Turn on some soothing music.
  3. Make sure there is blue and green color around (these are soothing colors).Light a candle.
  4. If you want to dump a lot of negative energy, put a bowl of water near by,Take a deep breath (breath in on a count of 7 and out on a count of 7),3- 7 times.
  5. While you are taking these deep breaths, breath in divine blue light and breath out all the unwanted energy.
  6. Once you have reached a place of harmony, sit quietly for a period of time and bathe in the sweet energy.
  7. Allow yourself to come back in the room.
  8. Share the energy with others during the day. (what goes out comes back to us)



Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

In a lot of our experiences, we see darkness before we see light.  We are here on this earth to learn and any time we learn something new, there is a period of not knowing.  A time period where we are uninformed.  A time where we need external instruction.  How receptive are we to instruction, especially if we are extremely intelligent about the subject?

I heard a truly exceptional analogy from a wise person.  Consider this, a seed is planted in the ground, in the dirt, in the dark.  The soil contains nutrients and the dirt is provided with water  from an external source.  With help the seed breaks out of its container and crawls through the dirt, towards the sun, towards the warmth.  The plant crawls out of the darkness, beyond the dirt and into the light, reaching towards the sky.  The plant continues to grow and sprouts a beautiful flower or some delicious fruit.  The plant could not become something wonderful without first starting in the darkness, following its natural instruction to grow.

We so often punish ourselves because we didn’t do it right, because we didn’t pick it up fast enough or because we want to impress the other person.  Maybe it is time to stop beating ourselves up and consider that we may need instruction or we made need help from a wise spirit or we need to look within our own soul for divine guidance.  Maybe the time of disappointment is not disappointment, but the time that we are in the dark and crawling up to become something wonderful.

Consider when we were young and we were much more forgiving towards ourselves.  We decided we were going to try to crawl and we fell to the floor.  We heard in the background, “good job”.  We decided to get up again and after about 50 attempts, we moved one inch and we were rewarded with a fuzzy toy in our face telling us how wonderful we are.  We shortly received a warm kiss on the forehead and we could feel love all around us.  Six months later we stand up and start to take a step forward only to fall down.  After 100+ attempts, we take our first step and hear the praise in the background so we continue to do the same thing over and over again.  When we are young we allow ourselves to make mistakes and continue to move in a path forward until we accomplish our goals.  We learn to praise ourselves, to love ourselves and smile so much that the people around us smile.  We push through the so called darkness until we reach the light.

What do you consider darkness?   Each individual considers different events in their life dark, while the next person would consider that light.  Could we consider all experiences good, that maybe we are crawling through the dirt into the light.  If the darkness feels like it is blinding us, then maybe we could consider external instruction, a wise one’s instruction or internal guidance from our  Divine spirit.

Crawl through the darkness, it is only but a moment in time.  You will reach the light and become something wonderful!  Make sure you give yourself praise and love everyday!

Many people wonder what crystal healing is and what is the benefit of crystal healing.  Crystal healing is a healing modality that uses rocks and crystals to heal the mind as well as the body.  There are certain stones that I would make sure that I have available at all times.  Just to name a few: pink quartz, quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and carnelian.  The best way to pick out a stone that you need to carry with you for the next few days is to go to a stone shop and pick up and buy the stone that calls to you.  What does it mean to call to you?  You like the way it looks, you like the color, you like the way it feels, and you can find a place for it among your personal things.  We tend to know inherently what we need, day by day to to make each day better.  Make carrying stones with you a part of your daily ritual.  Below is a widget where you can look through some healing stones and purchase for your personal use.

When you get the crystal home, let the crystal lay in the window under direct sun light for a day and in the moon light for the night.  This will help clean your crystal of other peoples energy.  You also may want to wash the crystal in salt water, make sure that it is not a crystal that will dissolve in salt water.  Be courteous about where you dispose of the water, you don’t want to spread negative energy around.  A good reference book to have in your library to check the healing properties of the stones that attract you or the procedure on how to clean a stone would be, The Crystal Bible.  This particular book also has elixirs that you can make to help you on your healing journey.  You can also look up the stones that you choose and see what the properties are of that stone.  This tells you where you are on your journey, and possibly what that stone is clearing for the day, week or month.  It is also a good idea to constantly visualize what you desire to receive from the stone, this helps to align the vibration of the stone to what you desire out of life at the time.

Learning about anything new or continuing you education is always a journey, having good reference books around makes it possible to check the information quickly.  Have fun on your journey.