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Massage Suggestions

The things that make you complete are money, time, internal messages, job, friends, family, fun time and being able to buy toys.  If these things are working in concert, then you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and say, “job well done”.

What do we need money for?  Everyday bills, buy food, buy clothes, buy toys, to go on vacation and much much more.  For me I would cut corners where I could.  Have any of you ever said this “I can cut my grocery bill down, it will help me stay the size that I want to be.”  How about this one, “My clothes are perfectly fine, so I don’t need to buy new ones right now, I can wait.”  This waiting turns in to ?? years.  We start lying to ourselves and say that everything is OK, that we will make it and tomorrow will be a better day.  We can only make tomorrow a better day with action.

Here is where the time element comes in.  When we spend time on something, we want results, good results that we are proud of.  Lets put it in money terms, it is better to make $50/hr rather than $10/hr for the same work.  What about the projects that we do, the projects that bring us joy.  At the end of the day, we want it to be time well spent.

I made my daughter’s Halloween outfits.  I spent hours on these outfits.  I wanted them to turn out excellent and they did.

I love to sew and love to do things for other.  Here are some steps that I need to make though:

  1. I need to take sewing classes (cost money and time)
  2. I need someone I could ask help from for a long time (teacher)
  3. I need to gain confidence (teacher’s guidance)
  4. I need on going money for materials

Now you see how money and time are integrated.  We need a comfortable source of passive income.  Money helps give us time by making it possible to do more things.  Taking the classes (which cost money) saved me exploration time, being able to ask the teacher for help anytime, also saved me time.  Having the option to pay the teacher for private time, give you the freedom to have more time.

Having options can relieve stress, give you more time, and help you look in the mirror and smile.

If you would like the website for passive income again here it is. Click here or here, or here.  All are different options.

If you would like spiritual guidance first, to get in a position where you feel like taking steps forward Click here and make an appointment, which can be done on the phone or in person. Book and appointment for a Akashic Record Reading, which will give you spiritual guidance.  And as always, good luck with everything!

There are several types of headaches that can be resolved through massage.  There are pressure points on the head and neck that can alleviate tension headaches as well and sinus headaches.  These pressure points reboot your computer (brain) and tell the nerves to stop sending the pain message.  The tension headaches can be caused by tight or pinched muscles in the head, neck or jaw.  Their can also be tight muscle in your upper back (trapezoid and or rhomboids) that will cause pain in back, neck and sometimes your head.  So if you want to eliminate the pain associated with these tight muscles, 90% of the time massaging the head, neck, jaw and upper back will take care of  this pain.

How would I start the massage?  Sometimes the way to start is by helping someone relax, this will make it easier for you to massage the muscles.  Have the person sit in a comfortable chair that has a low back.  Put on some soft music and lower the lighting in the room.  This will slow the person’s breathing and put them in a more meditate state.  The idea is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system – the rest and restore mechanism in your brain; this is where healing occurs.  Once you have the environment set, now it is time to do the work.

  1. The best place to start is to put your hands on the person’s head and take a deep breath yourself; if you are not in a relaxed position the other person will not be in a relaxed position.
  2. Apply some pressure to the person’s head and massage as if you are shampooing their hair.   Everyone loves the shampoo bowl!  Make sure that you cover the entire head, this helps the person reach a more meditative state.
  3. Place both hands on the neck and slide your hands down with a firm grip once.  Then you want to take one thumb and apply strokes from top to bottom of one side of the neck approximately 3 or 4 times.  Do the same thing with your other thumb to the other side of their neck.
  4. Place your hands on the person’s shoulders and give them a firm massage with both hands.  If you feel a knot, apply pressure to the knot and count to 10, then come off gentle while moving in a circle.  If the knot doesn’t go away, don’t worry, just move on and the knot will resolve itself in time.
  5. The last part is the face.  Apply feather strokes over with your finger tips over the forehead, nose and cheeks, and the chin.  Place your hands on either side of the person’s jaw, apply pressure and massage in circles.  Any tension in the jaw caused from headaches should subside. (This is also a good area to massage often if you grind your teeth, clinch your jaw or have TMJ).

If you would like to come in a get a professional head massage, come in and enjoy and Indian Head Massage.  This massage is all about deep relaxation.  I massage the head, neck, shoulder, arms and face.  You do not have to take your clothes off and it last approximately 40 minutes.   Enjoy the relaxtion of a head massage!

Are you looking for a good massage therapist and you are not sure what questions to ask to increase your chances of receiving a good massage. You would rather test out the merchandise before you spend the money and the time on a full body massage. Here are what I call the top 10 questions to ask any massage therapist so that you receive a good massage.

  1. Whats is your specialty? If the massage therapist specializes in something and can give a good explanation about their specialty, they are more likely to be passionate about their work.
  2. What massage technique do you use to relax extremely tight muscles? Some massage therapists do not know how to relax tight muscles, so having a specific technique shows experience. Good examples would be deep tissue, myofacial release, energy work.
  3. Have you taught a massage class or are you planning on teaching in the future? When you teach something, one has to know the subject twice as well as the student. This demonstrates knowledge of massage.
  4. If you are short on time, what parts of the body will you skip? Usually the massage therapist will skip the hands or the feet in the massage, if they are running short on time.  There are over 100 pressure points in your hands and feet.  What are pressure points?   Pressure points are areas of the body that hold a lot of energy and are connected to other parts of the body.  When these pressure points are touched, tension can be released in other areas besides the local spot.
  5. Do you do energy work? Energy work  is designed to heal the physical and the spiritual body.  Energy work helps the person reach deep relaxation faster as well promoting healing for a longer period of time.  There are several forms of energy work; Reiki, Synergia, Akashic Records, Healing touch, Cranial Sacral, color therapy, crystal therapy and sound therapy.
  6. What techniques will you use to encourage me to relax and help me relieve stress? A good massage therapist will allow the client to do what they need to feel comfortable.  Aromatherapy , warming up the muscle tissue, and sometimes just taking your time will help the client relax.
  7. Do you tend to do a light, medium or deep tissue massage? This is where you need to know the type of touch that you like.  If you like a light touch, this would be a Swedish massage.  If you would like a firm touch, then you should see a deep tissue therapist.  If you like to be warm it is an excellent idea to get a hot stone massage (you are going to want to ask the hot stone therapist a couple more questions because this massage is more intense and you don’t want to get burned).
  8. Do you do corrective work? Does the massage therapist know what to do when your back hurts, or your knee hurts, or your elbow hurts?  Is the therapist balancing your muscles so that your body moves harmoniously?  It is a good idea to go to someone who takes the time to address problem areas.
  9. Do you massage the head? There are over 60 pressure points in your head and neck, which can help relieve tension that causes headaches.  These pressure points can also help you to relax, sleep better and help you absorb information better.
  10. What benefits can I expect from a massage from you? Massage helps increase circulation, helps to increase the parasympathetic system (the one that helps you relax).  Massage helps to push toxins out of your body which helps to promote healing.

If you are still on the fence and they have answered more than half to your satisfaction, go ahead and give them a chance. Book the massage.

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