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Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Beginning Class: Practitioner Certification

Advanced Class:  Energy Healing


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iStock_000004171786XSmall We offer classes that help you to enrich your life, navigate through experiences with directions.  The classes give you tools to clear you energy field, learn to connect with you energetic self and help heal physical and spiritual wounds.  Go through life with purpose, take one or more of the classes and grow.



iStock_000003673405XSmall[1]At Beyond relaxation we go beyond the traditional massage and seek to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  We have a sound table which delivers a gentle vibration that puts you in a deep sense of relaxation during the entire massage.  We are LaStone Hot Stone certified, which means we have gone the extra step to pay attention to detail and deliver the best hot stone treatment possible.



We also provide energy work that helps to go beyond yourself and accomplish what you desire in life.  Energy work is available to help you grow, to talk to the spiritual side of yourself and help change conscience and subconscience thoughts to take steps forward in life and reach all of your goals.  We provide Reiki, Synergia, and Akashic Records reading.



What can you do between massages to keep yourself in good shape?

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